Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome to Prince George!

Ryley Grantham finds himself the 'protector' of a skilled group around him.
Aaron Borejko and Mitchell Callahan

Tyson Barrie is back in the lineup tonight. He is seen here at this mornings workout.
Evan Bloodoff takes a few spins around the ice at CN Centre this morning.

  • The Rockets had a 20 minute skate this morning at CN Centre to work out the kinks from a 8 hour bus ride. The drills are all about speed and puck handling. Observing the drills from the bench gives you a better appreciate of the speed in which these players preform.
  • Colin Long will play tonight after missing two games with a 'upper body injury'. Long will likely see time on a line with Cody Almond. The coaching staff appear to be leaning towards keeping the Benn, Backlund, Duval line intact. Do you blame them?
  • Tyson Barrie returns to the Rockets defensive core tonight after participating in Wednesday's Top Prospects Game.
  • You get a better appreciation for the quickness of goaltender Mark Guggenberger when you watch him in practice. For a big goaltender, his quickness down low is impressive to say the least. While he relies on his big body to make saves, he appears to give shooters holes to shoot at before quickly recovering and taken them away.
  • It was suggested this week that Mikael Backlund would be the answer to a trivia question. Who is the only player to participate in an NHL game before playing his first game in the Western Hockey League? The answer should be Mikael Backlund. Yet Chuck Kobasew also has the claim to fame of suiting up for an NHL team first before making his WHL debut. Kobasew played in a Calgary Flames exhibition game before making his mark with the Rockets in Portland in 2001.
  • After practice it was nice to see the Rockets players signing a hockey stick for an eager group of pee-wee's that are participating in a hockey tournament next door.
  • It's a surprisingly nice day in Prince George. The temperature must be hovering around the freezing mark. A stop in this neck of the woods at this time of the year would often mean friggid temperatures, but the Rockets are enjoying the mild spell up North.
  • Look for Troy Bodie to make his NHL debut tonight against Pittsburgh. The former Rocket was called up Thursday by the big club.


David's Color Comments said...

I miss you already!

apsco17 said...

I'm surprised Long won't be on a line with Backlund and Benn. Seems like you would want your best set-up man with those two.

entropyyy said...

deffinetly agree with apsco,but then again they cant just carry the team (well they could,but shouldnt) if they have 2 lines that can score they can just overpower them. the 2nd line wont be all that bad either way!

wardco said...

i think with the depth of the team now....we will see many new combinations. im all for watching benn and long rip up the leading scorers list....but the team comes first...... that doesn't mean we wont see them on a specialty power play line

T.D. said...

Huska is an awful coach He has no idea what combos work. Putting Almond and Long together is a failed experiment that's been proved year after year. Moreover, the "first line" looks awful after 2 periods. He better make some moves and get a win in PG or he's going to be making a permanent move out of town.