Monday, January 26, 2009

Pic's From the Cutting Room Floor

It's time to clean out the digital camera. So before I erase the 300 odd photo's, I thought I would share some pic's that hit the cutting room floor. The penalty box got a touch full Saturday night in Kamloops.

Mikael Backlund taking the opening face-off against the Giants.

Ian Duval involved in a drill at his first practice session with his new team.

Gord McGarva takes some time to chat with Rockets rookie forward Spencer Main. Main often doesn't get the 'press' or media coverage that the Long's, Benn's and Almond's receive, but his day will come when he gets his fair share of the headlines.
Jamie Benn at K-I-A after winning gold for Canada. He looks pretty fresh for a guy that hasn't slept in 30 hours.
You knew I had too! In Calgary, the score clock that makes you drool. Ok, it makes me drool.
Dozer (Tysen Dowzak) coming out on the ice for a morning skate in Prince George. This pic was taken back in late November .

A video of Spencer Main getting in a skate in Calgary December 13th, one day after losing to the Swift Current Broncos on home ice. This is not alot of fun...just ask the players.

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