Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Convo With Mikael Backlund

  • Here is my conversation with Mikael Backlund: www.am1150.ca/player/player?mediapath=&type=mp3&fi=files%2Fam1150%2Fsrimedia%2FR09_1217.MP3&nid=857037
  • Newly acquired Mikael Backlund was seen playing alongside Jamie Benn and Ian Duval at practice Monday. Duval couldn't be happier playing with those two players, and now wearing Kelowna Rocket colours. www.am1150.ca/player/player?mediapath=&type=mp3&fi=files%2Fam1150%2Fsrimedia%2FR09_1211.MP3&nid=857023
  • Backlund told me his home away from home in Kelowna are with the billets of former Rockets Luke Schenn and Shea Weber. Schenn and Weber are now in the NHL, a place Backlund wants to be next season.
  • Backlund will wear sweater #22 Wednesday night when he makes his WHL debut. It's the same number he wore for Sweden at the world junior hockey championships. Backlund admits that the number 22 is his girlfriends favorite number. What's the price to pay for playing hockey in North America? For Backlund it's now a long distance relationship.
  • Backlund was wearing something familiar when he took to the ice Monday afternoon at Prospera Place. When he walked out to do an interview with me, you couldn't help but notice his bright blue socks that are worn by his country men in Sweden.
  • Newly acquired Ian Duval will wear sweater #19 Wednesday night.
  • Goaltender Mark Guggenberger had two things on his list Monday. First he got a hair cut and then was busy ordering new pads and gloves. For the next few games Guggenberger will be seen wearing pads and gloves which give you a 'Swift Current Bronco feel', considering they are blue and white in colour.
  • Colin Long did not practice with the team Monday. The Rockets leading point getter is sidelined after getting hurt in overtime Friday against Portland.
  • Tyler Myers did not practice with the team Monday. He will arrive today after spending the last five days in Calgary following the world juniors.
  • Tyson Barrie didn't practice with the Rockets Monday. Barrie is taking part in the CHL Top Prospects Game in Oshawa on Wednesday. Barrie is rated 37th among North American skaters for this summers NHL draft.


Rocketblade said...

Regan: Pretty exciting times in Rocketville. Any word on where Matejka might land. I feel bad for the poor kid.

Also, what's the latest prediction on St.Denis' return?

entropyyy said...

im not him,nor am i there to talk to him. but i'd have to guess a couple weeks still..getting back in game-shape aswell as getting approved to play to make sure he doesnt further injure himself will all take time. or maybe he's closer than that,who knows it's just my thoughts.

Regan Bartel said...

Once he see's the doc, we will have a better indication on how much longer he will be out.

3stuges said...

What about Matejka.....his name is no longer on the roster list.

Regan Bartel said...

Look for an official announcement from the Rockets shortly.