Thursday, January 8, 2009

Backlund Makes NHL Debut

Backlund is making his NHL debut with the Flames tonight, wearing sweater #60.


wardco said...

the suspence is killing me.

i was under the impression there was supposed to be an announcement of some kind this morning.....(bruce hamiltion was gonna talk to sutter)

but it looks like the flames want to try him out.

so now we start the waiting game all over !!!!!!

are we gonna get him....or arent we.......arrrrrgh!

Regan Bartel said...

lol. The Flames need to get his release from the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation before any such move to junior hockey is made. The release is the only way he can play with the Rockets. That said, his NHL contract that he signed with the Flames over-rides any release necessary for him to play at the NHL level only. Yet the release is needed for him to play in the WHL. Clear as mud? That is my understand as the only thing between him stepping on the ice at Prospera Place.

entropyyy said...

silly how that works,seems it should be the other way around in my opinion,you should be able to play junior...this is like mats sundin,except without the sweepstakes,10 million dollar seasons...and i actually give a crap about this one.