Monday, January 19, 2009

Shootout Success

Who should the Rockets send out in a shootout? Who has had the most shootout chances and who has had the most success? Find out below as I dig deep into the numbers to find out who doesn't buckle under the pressure.

  • Cody Almond has had the most shootout chances of any Rocket. Almond has participated in the 'circus' 18 times over his career. Almond is followed closely by Colin Long, who had been involved 15 times.
  • No surprise that Almond has scored the most shootout goals, with eight. Long is a close second with 6.
  • Tyson Barrie has had the best success rate though. Barrie has scored five times on 8 chances. That's a 63% success rate.
  • Cody Almond's success rate is 44% or 8 goals in 18 chances.
  • Colin Long's success rate is 40 percent or 6 goals on 15 attempts.
  • Jamie Benn's success rate in the shootout is 33% or 2 goals in 6 chances.
  • Brandon McMillan success rate is 20 % or 1 goal in five chances.
  • The only flawless player is Stepan Novotny. Novotny is 100% on shootouts with 1 goal in just one chance


3stuges said...

When do we get Part 2.....grading the Rockets?

T.D. said...

They all get passing marks except for Metjeka, Hood, Paradise and Macintosh who transfered to another school. You'll have to contact their new school administrator to get a copy of their transcript.