Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good Start For Grantham

  • Ryley Grantham made his Kelowna Rockets debut Friday night, and the 21 year-old didn't disappoint. Grantham got into a scrap just 5 seconds into the game after dancing with Portland's Taylor Jordon. While it looked like Grantham got the better of the 18 year-old in the early stages of the bout, Jordon took several punches and wouldn't go down. Note to self; Jordon is going to be a top flight fighter in his 19 and 20 year-old season, because he ain't bad now!
  • Grantham hit three goal-posts in the game. The 'big man' showed the Prospera Place crowd that he is more than just one dimensional.
  • A terrific start by the Hawks, who had a 2-0 lead 24 minutes into the game. The Hawks out-shot the Rockets 11-2 in the first period, giving you the feeling it would be a long night for the home team.
  • The turning point? With the Hawks holding a 2-0 lead, Cody Almond scores a goal to make it 2-1. Off the ensuing face-off, the Rockets gain control with defenseman Tyson Barrie rifling the puck off the glass inside the Hawks zone. Instead of the puck going behind the net to an awaiting Hawks goaltender Kurtis Mucha, the puck ricochets off the glass into the wide open net tying the game at two. Both Rockets goals came just 8 seconds apart. It provided a brand new game.
  • Stepan Novotny had another strong game for the Rockets with a goal and an assist. Novotny also scored in the shootout. Brandon McMillan was credited with the game winner in the 5-4 shootout win.
  • Cody Almond scored twice in the win and again showed good energy. Almond had 6 shots on goal by our count, but took about 11, missing the net several times. Colin Long led the Rockets with 7 shots on goal.
  • It was odd to see Rockets goaltender Adam Brown give up 4 goals, but in the end he earns his 14th win of the season. Brown was especially good when the Hawks failed to score on a second period 5 on 3.
  • It's the loudest I have heard the crowd at Prospera Place this season, and we can thank referee's Ryan Agar and Russ Berdusco for that. It all started when Brandon McMillan was given a double minor halfway through the second period with the game tied at two. McMillan was fingered to the penalty box for holding and then had something to say to the official on the way to the box. Instead of giving McMillan a 10 minute misconduct, Agar gave McMillan a double minor instead, raising the eyebrows of the 6 thousand and 81 in attendance. From there the crowd nattered back at the officials at every turn. The fight with the fans was on.
  • The Hawks are a much improved team from when I saw them in late September. The small things like passing and overall work ethic were much improved. The Hawks looked like a team that didn't practice when I saw them in the first week of the season. Now they look to be well coached and have taken on the mindset that they can indeed win.
  • I felt for Hawks forward Killian Hutt. It was a rough night. He had several great chances to score, but had terrible puck luck. Often times he would receive a backdoor pass, but would see it shimmy off his stick and into the corner. Hutt was even given a chance in the shootout, but he would fail to score.
  • Hawks goaltender Kurtis Mucha became the franchises all-time leader in games played - 176 - surpassing Lanny Ramage. How odd would it be to see him traded a day after setting the new mark?
  • I quick video for Moose Jaw Warrior fans that read this blog. Are their any? This is a quick video of Ryley Grantham in warm up.



Anonymous said...
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entropyyy said...

weird post. still wondering the name of the song at the beggining of the warm-up. i know the 2nd one. wish i could have been there but it sounds like he's fitting in nicely. the 27 jersey seems to fit well. too bad he wont be around longer or there might be some potential captain material. looking forward to seeing him in person soon!

wardco said...

i cant beleive we allmost got beat by portland last night.....what a nail biter.....exiting hockey tho.

im still laughing about the off the glass goal....that one would have made any highlight reel.
i would have loved to hear regan call that goal.heh heh heh.

agur the ref really get me ticked off.....he has it out for the rockets, every time he come to town he calls a bad game, then when the croud is ready to linch him, and the super fan in the home corner (the guy that beats on the glass all the time) is ready to whip him with rocky the racoons tail. he starts to cal more penalties to try to sway the game.
i was ready to get the "good ol boys" to give him a visit. time is just under 2 hrs away....well see what the new faces and hurt in the dressing room from loosing jessie and dyllan
bring......hopefully it wont be a squeeker like last night.....the ams are coming to town and we gotta be ready for them!