Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Backlund Update

Rockets GM Bruce Hamilton was expected to meet today with Mikael Backlund, his agent J.P Barry and the Calgary Flames to decide where the talented forward will play the remainder of this season.
What was the end result of that meeting? I'll ask Hamilton that question when he lands at K-I-A tonight just shortly after 9 pm and post it here if I get an answer.


g.k said...

I'm sure we would of heard from another source what Backlund's decision is by now!! Nice trade for Lethbridge getting Beach, I quess Bruce was too busy concentrating on Backlund than trying to work out a deal for Beach, he would of been a nice fit don't you think Regan?? We missed the boat again!!

Jasperoni said...

Backlund > Beach

By miles.

Regan Bartel said...

The Hurricanes gave up essentially two (2) first round picks in that trade. Steep price for a player who may be around for 3 months. If Backlund comes, we gave up nothing. You be the judge.

flyers said...

G.K. - isn't that the truth about Hamilton. That's been the story the past few years. It's been nothing but sit and wait for something to happen. His last few big deals were bringing in a struggling 20 year old goalie and trading away Kytnar and Bernhart. Those deals worked out real well.

Although I will admit it would have been tough to get Everett to trade Beach to a team in their conference, and one that they might face in the playoffs.

The end of the story is that the Rockets have known what they need to do the past year and a half. Experience, older players, and build up the D. It's been the constant mantra. There's time left but don't be surprised if the Rockets Management does nothing.

Jasperoni said...

What have we done that would be considered sitting around?

Two years ago we were horrible, and last year we were rebuilding. There was no need to make trades, we were going no where.

And I can't believe you guys think Beach is the answer. Yeah he did absolute wonders in the playoffs for Everett. /sarcasm

Props to Hamilton for walking away from a situation that would have seen us lose a first round pick and a player like McColgan for a rental player, and a playoff no-show.

How quickly you all forget the Sheldon Souray situation.

Jared Comeau said...


3stuges said...

Mikael Backlund will join the Kelowna Rockets of the WHL
Flames GM Darryl Sutter just confirmed to the FAN960 that former 1st round pick Mikael Backlund will join the Kelowna Rockets of the WHL
Flames GM Darryl Sutter just confirmed to the FAN960 that former 1st round pick Mikael Backlund will join the Kelowna Rockets of the WHL. Sutter said that Backlund will spend a couple of days in Calgary watch the Flames play and meet with the GM before joining the team holding his CHL rights. Backlund was a star for Team Sweden at the World Junior Championships in Ottawa, and was playing division 2 pro hockey in Sweden prior to the tournament!

Rocketblade said...

If the Rockets were one player away from a cup run, I'd say give up youth and rent aplayer or two. But let's face it, its a lot more than one player. I'm pretty sure Hamilton knows that a big trade won't save this team. Nice to see that we're going to get Backlund though.

Jasperoni said...

We aren't far off from being a contender at all. Backlund is higher rated and more skilled than players like Jamie Benn and Evander Kane.

Everyone thinks the Giants are Cup contenders, and they are completely built around Kane. When he left for the World Juniors, they became a sub-par team that the Blazers were capable of pushing around.

If Hamilton can bring in an experienced defenseman and a consistent goaltender, then we will be in the same league as Vancouver. (If Hamilton is feeling very adventurous, an experienced forward with some gritty edge would work wonders as well)

Rocketblade said...

Right. We just need a Tokarski, a Schenn and maybe a Brady Leavold and we're there.

Pretty tall order with the trade deadline looming.

Jasperoni said...

Who said anything about making three huge blockbusters?

Yonkman is a solid goaltender who's apparently on the market, Dudas is a tough depth defenseman, and all around the league people are offering depth forwards.

Yonkman and Dudas play on the same team, and the depth forward could be any team. Two trades on the biggest trading day of the year is no "tall order".