Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trading for Lyon

The Kelowna Rockets were looking at upgrading the talent among their three overage players at the Western Hockey League trading deadline. Unfortunately for veteran defenceman Kevin Smith, the North Vancouver resident was the odd man out.
Adam Brown and Cody Chikie dodged the bullet while Smith was given his out-right release after the Rockets acquired forward Brett Lyon from the Moose Jaw Warriors.
The 20 year-old Lyon came at a low price, with the Rockets surrendering a 5th and 7th round bantam pick. Lyon provides the team with more depth up front, a bigger body and some scoring punch. Lyon has 11 goals this season and an impressive 28 points in his final season in the WHL. The Grand Forks, BC resident won't wow you with his play making ability, but he adds some maturity to the forward ranks which consists now of just two 20 year-old's (Lyon and Chikie) and 19 year-old Brett Bulmer and injured Spencer Main.
The departure of Smith makes a very young defensive core even younger, with 19 year-old Mitchell Chapman surrounded by 18 year-old's MacKenzie Johnston and Myles Bell, 17 year-old's Damon Severson and Cole Martin and 16 year-old's Jesse Lees and Madison Bowey.
The blue line has suffered more than it's fair share of growing pains this season with Smith in the line up, so that won't change with 30 games left in the regular season.
While Smith was the only player shown the exit, many fans are wondering why Brett Bulmer didn't yield a healthy return for a team in 6th place in the Western Conference.
The interest, I'm told, was there for Bulmer. Rockets GM Bruce Hamilton told me no less than four teams made solid pitches for the 19 year-old, but draft picks alone were not of interest to management. Hamilton wanted a proven player, someone likely in the 18 year-old age group that would complement fellow 18 year-old forwards Zach Franko, Shane McColgan and Colton Sissons. In these times where drafting players at 15 is at best, a crap shoot, the high picks were likely offered, but that proven player wasn't on the table to entice Hamilton to pull the trigger.


fax said...

Hey Regan - On behalf of your "Rose City Readers", we would like to welcome you for your annual three or four day visit.

And just for you, the Hawks arranged to have one game played in one of your least favorite buildings (MC) and one game played with your favorite video screen (RG)

Enjoy the NO sales tax!

Regan Bartel said...

That's awesome. I think the MC visit is designed to make me appreciate the Friday game that much more. Truth be told, I do like the old school feel in MC. I just can't stand sitting while calling the game or all of the other guys around me eating peanuts. Am I glad to be in Portland? No question. Love the city and the fans here. Who knows, maybe a first round match up?

daryl said...

You're getting way too cozy with the the "Rose City" fan club...
whatever happen to good old fashion trash talkin'... lol
You're not planning a move down south are you? If you are you should go a little farther south, that's my plan anyways... :)

Regan Bartel said...

I guess if they spat in my face and called me names, maybe the hatred would be there. Fact is, they are so darn nice...at least to my face. lol.Do I want to see them lose tonight? No question.

Gord McGarva said...

Enjoy Portland Regan. Great city for sure, wish I was there.

Bring home four points Rockets.

Too bad these teams only play each other four times per year. This could turn into a good rivalry; playoffs can do that.

I have been to MC, but never the Rose Garden......perhaps in late March.

MG said...

Regan is right, everyone I have dealt with in Oregon is very nice. I always go down there for summer vacation. No tax and they pump your gas for you. Its great !! but still..
Go Rockets !!