Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hay on coaching in NHL and Huska endorsement

I spoke to Vancouver Giants head coach Don Hay before Saturday's game. I didn't want to re-live every moment of the WJ's (that has been analysed to nauseum), so our discussion centered around other topics. I asked Hay, point blank, if he would entertain a return to the National Hockey League.

"Would I like another chance? Ya, I would like another chance but I am not going to look in every door that's coming open. There are coaches that are looking around all the time, but if you have a good enough resume, teams will come to you."

"I have been there and done that. I could take it or leave it. I am getting to the age now that I am pretty set in my ways and pretty happy with what I am doing."

After two years as an assistant coach for Canada's entry at the World Junior's, does Hay believes Kelowna Rockets coach Ryan Huska be a good candidate to take over the head coaching duties of Team Canada at next years tournament in Russia?

"I think Ryan would do a great job. He has been through two of them. He (Huska) has lots of experience now. He knows the process you have to go through as far as working with coaches and working with the management group and the players there. No doubt in my mind that Ryan would do a great job if he had the opportunity."

The Rockets organization has had two coaches guide Canada's entry at the World Juniors. Marcel Comeau was the head coach in 1995 while Marc Habscheid was at the helm in 2003.

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