Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blogging from the BC Ferry

All aboard!
Is that what the captain of a BC Ferry says when you leave the mainland for Victoria?
Whatever the case, the Kelowna Rockets began a six game road trip this afternoon with a day trip to the Island. The road trip starts tomorrow night against the Victoria Royals.
The weekend match up should be interesting. Both teams have frankly struggled this season, with arguably the Royals stumbling more often than their BC Division counterparts. The Royals can score goals but for the life of them can't keep the puck out of their own net.

It will be interesting to see how much different both teams look after this weekend with the trade deadline set for Tuesday.
The Royals didn't part with their assets at last years trade deadline but may be tempted if the asking price is high enough for leading scorer Kevin Sundher. As dynamic a player as he may be, Sundher hasn't helped prevent the number of goals the Royals have given up no matter how he has produced at the other end of the ice. I would think if Royals GM Marc Habscheid could get a good young d-man or goalie in a trade, he would gladly part ways with the Buffalo Sabres draft pick. I will talk too him about that tomorrow night. Doesn't hurt to ask!

I anticipate two real good games this weekend. The Royals have earned seven points in the first five games of the seasonal series while Kelowna has earned just three. In October, the Rockets and Royals combined for 12 goals in the opening game before Victoria was an overtime winner when defenceman Jesse Zgraggen scored the game winner.

In case you are wondering, both Rockets head coach Ryan Huska and Athletic Therapist Jeff Thorburn will fly from Calgary to Victoria tomorrow morning and will be behind the Rockets bench. I am sure both mentally and physically exhausted, the two will have a number of great stories to share, some that will be made public, with others being shared in a more relaxed (off the record) setting.
Both should be proud of their accomplishments despite not obtaining the desire medal color they had hoped to obtain.

Not only will Huska and Thorburn be back behind the bench but 16 year-olds Madison Bowey, Jesse Lees and Tyson Baillie have already arrived in Victoria and are awaiting the teams arrival.
Regardless of the struggles both the Rockets and Royals have had to endure this season, this should be a fun weekend.

We will talk to you tomorrow night from Victoria. If everything goes according to plan, color analyst Gord McGarva will be on hand as he does his best Donald Trump impersonation by flying to the game. No, I'm not kidding.
See you at 6:35.


jim roe said...

regan,could u please post some pictures

Regan Bartel said...

No camera, outside of my Black Berry. Those photo's are posted on my Twitter account.