Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Deadline Deal

The Kelowna Rockets made two moves as the Western Hockey League trading deadline came to a close on Tuesday.
The Rockets acquired 20 year-old Brett Lyon from the Moose Jaw Warriors for a 5th and 7th round bantam pick.
To make room for Lyon, the Rockets released 20 year-old defenceman Kevin Smith. Smith will likely play in the BC Hockey League to close out his junior career.
In Lyon, the Rockets receive a forward who has grit and can score. From Grand Forks BC, Lyon started his WHL career with the Kamloops Blazers before moving to Vancouver. The Giants dealt him to Moose Jaw last season.
Heading into this season, Lyon had 442 penalty minutes.
The newest member of the Rockets will make his debut tomorrow night against Portland.


bigkev said...

still 2 hours to go

trade bulmer, bruce

Ryan said...

trading deadling hasnt closed and this better not be the only move. Disgraceful if Bulmer isnt traded and a disregard to his fans.

Regan Bartel said...

You don't trade a player just for the sake of moving a player. You don't give away quality if you don't get it in return.

Ryan said...

quality for 2.5 months? Regan you are far too attached emotionally to these guys to see whats the right thing to do. Where did I say trade him just for the sake of moving him? If you cant see that trading Barrie, McMilliam and now Bulmer would have helped this team, then you are out of it.

Maybe we can get a top pick and grab another Luke Moffat.

Regan Bartel said...

What is he worth to you? What type of compensation would be enough? If Cam Braes yielded a 1st and 2nd rounder as a 20 year-old, would Bulmer not be worth more than that? What happens if no one offered that for him. Do you still trade him and give away a player, when on his game, is in the elite category?

bigkev said...

bulmer didn't get traded because the same season as why he didn't make team canada. Attitude, Ego, and not a team player.

daryl said...

Dear Ryan,
Give your head a shake... what would you give up to get a player for half a season...? Bulman is gone next year and all the GM's no it... seriously, do you think a GM's gonna give up a bunch of draft picks for half a season... if there was a deal to be made to a contender then maybe, just maybe Bruce would have done something but it's not his style and he's regarded as possibly the best in the business. Go Rockets Go!

MG said...

Ryan you are the worst armchair coach/GM I have seen.

Although I see the point not to trade away Bulmer for the sake of a trade I wish we knew just what Hamilton, if anything, was offered.

Although I wish that McMillian, Barrie and Bulmer were traded for younger players it is pointless to even talk about it unless we know what was offered.

The comment about attitude, given Bulmer's play this season, may ring some truth. I guess we will see as he still has those two months to show up consistently.

Ian Ross said...

What makes Bruce Hamilton such a good GM is that he prefers to fine-tune his team for a playoff run. Picking up Lyon is not spectacular, but he brings a physical element. Most GMs I watch here in the OHL prefer to dump veterans for picks if they're not a contender. So there are no playoff upsets anymore. I respect the Rockets organization because they ice the best team they can, even if rebuilding.