Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Westblom will have stories to tell

When former Kelowna Rockets goaltender Kristofer Westblom's playing days are over he will have many stories to tell.
Westblom has played against one of the greatest players on the planet - Sydney Crosby - and will now face a former NHL player who has served time for conspiracy to commit murder.
Westblom had the privilege of playing against Crosby when the Rockets faced the Rimouski Oceanic at the 2005 Memorial Cup in London Ontario, and will now face Mike Danton when the former St. Louis Blues forward suits up Wednesday night for St Mary's against Westblom's Acadia Axemen.
Danton began studies at Saint Mary's University on Jan. 14. The 29 year-old was released on full parole last September after serving more than five years in prison in the United States and Canada.
What's next Westy, a golf game this summer with Tiger Woods?

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