Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Desjardins winning record speaks volumes

An article http://www.lfpress.com/sports/columnists/terry_jones/2010/01/05/12348956-sun.html written by veteran sports columnist Terry Jones suggesting that Team Canada head coach Willie Desjardins is a media nightmare at the World Juniors has caused quite the stir out west.
Many fans are sour that Jones called Desjardins "a media relations disaster who is colourless and quoteless" when dealing with the media.

Having dealt with Desjardins on several occasions, I will admit he won't wow you with his insight during a pre or post game interview. My general impression is Desjardins is still under the old school mindset where you should never tip your hand and allow the opponent to use any comments you make as possible bulletin board material.
This is nothing new.

Chilliwack Bruins head coach Marc Habscheid took a similar approach when he was guiding the Kelowna Rockets.
Habscheid would occasionally call out one of his own players in the media but would never tip his hand on his game plan or the weaknesses of the team his club was about to play in the fear of firing them up.
It didn't make for memorable interviews, but Habscheid did what coaches are asked to do - win hockey games.
Yet behind closed doors Habscheid is a much different person when the TV camera's and radio microphones are removed from under his mouth. Habscheid comes across relaxed and is often leaving you chuckling with his quick wit.
I am sure the same can be said about Desjardins, who is oddly enough married to a TV anchor in Medicine Hat.
I think it's fair to suggest as long as Desjardins wins at every level, his time in the WHL will be short lived with NHL general managers taking notice.
His winning track record as a coach will do all the talking necessary.


Glen Erickson said...

Regan...Terry Jones is a piece of work. There is a cooler here in the media area with soft drinks and bottled water. It has sliding doors and a sign that clearly says "$2 each, Please Pay at Media Desk". (Coffee, tea and water from a water cooler are free of charge) After his third freebie on Saturday, the media room people had to place a lock on the sliding doors to avoid the petty thievery. Then, the lock broke and the cooler was inaccessible for two days. There are media types in our world with an attitude of "do you know who I am?" It makes me sick! Desjardins is fine...maybe it's the BS questions he's being asked?

Glen E.

Gregg Drinnan said...

Married to a TV anchor? Is that different from being married to a boat anchor? LOL!


Regan Bartel said...

Gregg, no making fun of my writing..it's too easy to do.