Friday, January 22, 2010

Quick thoughts on a Friday

  • It's good news for junior hockey fans in Prince George, yet I am sure many coaches and players across the league gasped when they heard the news that the Cougars have signed a new ten year CN Centre lease with the City of Prince George. Essentially the lease means WHL hockey will remain in this city for another 8 seasons. The lease expires in 2018. Or does it? If you read the fine print you will notice that the Cougars have an escape clause which allows them to back out at the end of any season if attendance continues to drop. Right now the Cougars have the third lowest attendance in the WHL, attracting just over 23 hundred fans per game. Only Moose Jaw, Prince Albert and Swift Current draw fewer fans. At the other end of the scale, Vancouver, Calgary and Kelowna have the top three home attendance numbers.
  • Forward Geordie Wudrick skated with the team this morning in Prince George. Having missed 10 games with a shoulder injury, the 19 year-old is close to returning to the lineup. If not tonight, maybe tomorrow.
  • Who was the first player on the ice this morning for the pre-game skate? Twenty year-old Dallas Jackson appears to be excited about playing against his old team. Jackson was acquired from the Cougars at the WHL deadline.
  • Cougars forward Tyler Halliday may have mixed feelings as he faces the Rockets tonight. Halliday was sent back to Prince George in the Dallas Jackson deal. Halliday was originally released by the Cougars after the team paired down it's three 20 year-old's. Now, Halliday is playing the rest of the season with a team that essentially didn't want him. How do you play for a team that snubbed you only a few months ago?
  • Mark Guggenberger didn't get his day in the spotlight on the WHL Plays of the Week with his spectacular glove save against Kamloops, but Cody Chikie was given some love this week after his back hand goal against Red Deer caught the eye of the selection committee.
  • Prince George can be a nasty place in January, but 2010 will go down as one of the nicest ones on record when it comes to the weather. We arrived here last night with a temperature hovering just above zero and sunshine streaming from high above throughout the trip. I have never seen this little snow in Prince George. Williams Lake, which is about 2 and a half hours south of Prince George, has virtually no snow.


djs said...

Yes the rockets have play well in the last three losses but that’s not the whole point. There pass is not vary crisp and clean they are ether passing way too far ahead of their teammates or behind them and the no look passes when they have the time to look to see where the rest to their teammates are is just part of their problems. They have play good games do get me wrong but, they really have not shown the Kelowna fans what the hockey club is truly able to doing on the ice since the October game ageist the Hitmen where the play all 60min in the game and the played the rockets in your face hockey that we all love to see and they did to will before the trade deadline, out of the trade the only play that seem to be making the team better then it was is Jackson he has really helped get the rockets playing better on the end of the ice and Sean Aschim dose show good puck sense though he has not done anything spectacular, he will end up a good hockey player since he is a rookie so he will have time to improve.
They might have out shot Chilliwack but the quality of the shot the shots they had on net where not that great and gore didn’t have to work overly hard to stop them, some of them where from center ice. And when they do get that great scoring chance the ether shot it wide or to high by a foot or more. That being said they do have good goal scorer on the team.
So in short they need the work on passing, target shooting under pressure.
The other thing is that the coaching staff need to work on the chemistry on the lines even in the NHL then coaches don’t miss with the lines they have a the start of the game where here in Kelowna it is like the lines are different every time they come out in the last three games the best line on the ice for the rockets was Mitchell Callahan, Shane McColgan and Cody Chikie. But since they seem to work will together they have to be separated. And since coming back from the world juniors McMillan has not played a single good game and he is one of the rockets that need to step up the most along with Lucas Bloodoff. They should be what Long and Benn were to the team last year and they are not even close to that in leading the team the way Benn and Long did. And it is sad that two of our rookies are leading the goals scored on our team right now and in points the a rookie lead the points race on the team is a rookie.

g.k said...

Hey djs!! Please slow down so we can all fiqure out what you are trying to say!!! Or try using spell check.