Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dallas Jackson transcript

What are your thoughts on the trade?

"I'm really excited. It was surprising for me to come to Kelowna . I wasn't really thinking of coming here, but I am happy that I did. I was thinking that I was going to get traded but not to Kelowna, but I am happy I am here."

What do you know about the Rockets organization?

"This is a winning place. They love to win here. They preach and breed teams that win and I want to be apart of that".

Are you excited to play with Tyson Barrie?

"Ya, it's going to be a treat playing with him. I think the power play is going to be improving here. Giving him the puck and watching him do some pretty nifty, creative things is something that I am going to be looking forward too."

How much have you improved over the years to the point a player that you are today?

"This year I thought I played pretty consistently. Throughout the year even though the team (Cougars) wasn't doing so good, I kept my plus minus in the plus category which is a real positive for me and so the defensive side of my game has gotten a lot better from last year."

What do the coaches here want from you?

"I think they want good five on five play and being one of the guys on the back end that just leads the way. I am 20 years-old so hope I can help the young guys out a little bit here too and get some more wins here".

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