Friday, January 8, 2010

Rockets fall 6-4 to Blazers


jaz301 said...

It is not looking good right now 1-7-1 in the last 9. Let's hope we get are injured guys back soon and maybe pick someone up before the trade deadline.

I thought you might find this interesting. This is from the NHL fan page on facebook

NHL Polls
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Who is the Calder Trophy winner at the halfway mark of the season?

Niclas Bergfors
Matt Duchene
Jimmy Howard
Tyler Myers
John Tavares
I found it quite interesting on how many people actually thought Myers should get it. Then again how can you not. A 6'8 guy with speed of a 5'10 and his ability to block shoots and get up quickly.Something you do not see everyday.
These may be fans picking and it is only half way though the season, but if he keeps playing how he is he might get the Calder trophy(if he gets the Professional Hockey Writers' Association attention which I am sure he has already.)

MG said...

I hope we can trade for someone with young and with potential either on the blue line or up front. The rockets have a good track record of finding guys who fit well and are under rated. I don't want to see a push to the playoffs this year as it really won't matter. Lets build for the future.

Myers is playing excellent and I really hope he wins.

I feel sorry for Luke Schene these days. He is having a rough year.

g.k said...

So Regan, no comments on the game last night?? Never got to listen to it so was hoping to get the lowdown from you!! Must of been pretty ugly, & hard to take losing to Kamloops for the 2nd time in a row!!

Ryan said...

I commented but of course it never made it on the page.

Regan Bartel said...

Ryan, I don't mind your input but trade rumour speculation isn't appropriate for this particular blog. Some of your possible hearsay revolving around some players should be left for other discussion boards.