Thursday, November 18, 2010

Working on my bus legs

  • A mid morning skate and the Rockets were on the bus headed to Prince George. The eight hour bus ride doesn't start until the team makes a quick pit stop at the Woodfire Bakery (insert free plug here). From there, it is just over 700 kilometers to the door at the CN Centre.
  • We have no lack of room on the bus. Coach Ryan Huska and athletic therapist Jeff Thorburn are with Team WHL, so those two seats becoming available. We will meet those two at the hotel following tonight's 6th and final game of the Subway Super Series.
  • Captain Tyson Barrie isn't on the bus either as he will play in tonight's game in Prince George. Despite being on the road the Rockets bus has satellite tv, so we won't miss any of the action.
  • I am glad to see Barrie is only playing in one of the two Subway Super Series games. Had he played last night, tonight and Friday and Saturday against the Cougars, that would have been four games in four nights.
  • It looks like Max Adolph will play this weekend. Adolph has made the trip meaning he has fully recovered from a concussion that cost him no less than five games. Defenceman Colton Jobke is also along for the trip, but it's uncertain if he will play this weekend. Jobke has been out with a shoulder injury.
  • Antoine Corbin obviously isn't on the bus. The 18 year-old was traded to PA last night for a 3rd round pick. The writing was on the wall for Corbin, who had been a healthy scratch for the last five games. Let's face it, when players a year and two younger are ahead of you on the depth chart, something has to give. Corbin was originally a 5th round pick of the Rockets, so getting a 3rd rounder for him looks like a pretty good deal. Corbin will now get the playing time he needs while the Rockets now get two picks in the third round.
  • I will try to take some picture on this trip. Check back throughout the day for updates.


Malc said...

I believe that Corbin was a 5th round bantam pick, (Spencer Main was the 2nd round pick).

g.k said...

Seems all we ever get in our trades are "Picks"!! Corbin wasn't the most talented player but hey, he has size & a great shot!! Don't see this making sense!!

Gord McGarva said...

I think a picture of your new moustache would get some comments.

I respect the reason why it is being done.

Enjoy the road trip and bring back four points boys!

Jared Comeau said...

I think trading Corbin was a mistake Regan...Mark my words with some more time, I think this kid is going to be a stud.

Regan Bartel said...

When he plays in the NHL Jared, I will publicly say on this blog, "Jared told us so". lol

Jared Comeau said...

I wouldn't say that someone would need to make an NHL Lineup to be a stud. Look at Lucas Bloodoff....

MG said...

I can't decide whether the Corbin trade is good or not but I don't mind a third round pick as in the Bantam draft a third rounder is usually plays a full term in the WHL. We have had many really good third round picks as players.

I was surprised that he was the only trade. I thought a couple more would be going as well but I guess Hamilton could't get the deal done.

g.k said...

Regan you might want to listen to Jared!! LOL!! The Rockets have been known to develope many good defensemen, too many names to mention. Why not this kid?

Malc said...

'MG' said: "We have had many really good third round picks as players."

It seems that recently not so much:
2009 - Cole Martin & Ryan Berlin (neither with the Rockets yet)
2008 - Tanner Clark (traded to Swift Current as part of Wudrick deal)
2007 - no pick (traded to Tri-Cities)
2006 - Jonas Lapushinsky
2005 - no pick (traded to Swift Current)
2004 - Brendan Lines
2003 - Colin Joe
2002 - Nathan Pederson
2001 - Brennon Ewen
2000 - Kyle Gailey & Steven Gilles
1999 - Ryan Mayko & Randall Gelech