Friday, November 5, 2010

Rockets logo/jersey gets attention at NHL game

Here is an e-mail I received this afternoon from Kelowna resident Terry Shutiak, who was down in the States last week watching former Rockets defenceman Tyler Myers. With his permission, I share this e-mail with the readers of this blog.

I thought you might be interested to hear about the power of the Rockets in the deep south.
A trio of us flew into Atlanta last week to attend the granddaddy of nascar racing in nearby Talladega Alabama, and during our stay we had the chance to attend an Atlanta Thrasher game against Buffalo Oct 29th at the Phillips Arena.
My buddy wore the Kelowna Rockets teal jersey and I wore the black Rockets away jersey
Obviously we were interested in seeing Tyler Myers and we met a fellow and his son who proudly wore the Tyler Myers Buffalo jersey number 57 at the game. He noticed our jerseys and we explained we were long time season ticket holders of the team where Tyler learned his skills required to play at this level. As it turns out, he grew up with Tyler's dad in Pennsylvania.
We tried to get Tyler's attention on his departure for the warm up, but he was pretty focused on his game
We were approached by some fans in the concourse who noticed our Kelowna Rocket jerseys. As it turned out they are from Vancouver and grew up in Prince George. Even the50/50 seller notices our Kelowna jersey and comments that he has a good friend who resides here – small world!
We could not believe the number of people we met who recognized the crest, and at the same time had people who were curious about the “Kelowna” and OGOPOGO on our chests – and we were happy to explain where we were from and that we were here to cheer for Tyler Myers.
Terry D. Shutiak

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