Tuesday, November 23, 2010

St. Denis audio

Jon Zacks is the play-by-play voice of the BCHL's Trail Smoke Eaters. Zacks spoke to Kyle St. Denis on Monday about his future and the possibility of playing with his brother in Trail this season.



Aly said...

So did he not want to play for kelowna? or did we not have room for him as a 20 year old?
It's too bad he won't be back with Kelowna!!

3stuges said...

Time to let go of his hockey career.....a shame, had great talent

bigkev said...

he wanted to come back.

why trade corbin and keep wall. wall does nothing can't get out of his own end atlest corbin can shoot.

regan whats bruce smoking.

Regan Bartel said...

Corbin was a 7th d-man on the Rockets as an 18 year-old. They upgraded from a 5th rounder to a 3rd rounder. Corbin was a 5th. Nice trade in my eyes.

bigkev said...

wall's a 7th d-man in jr.b

MG said...

You know I thought we had more third round picks that were good players but Malcom a few posts ago set me straight and I think some of guys I thought were thirds were actually seconds.

Look back at his post. It seems that most third round picks turn out to be player that never makes an impact ( as he showed thats all its been since 1999).

If this history continues then we gave up Corbin for nothing and kept Wall ?????

Bigkev's question certainly is good and yes a third round pick for a kid that was a 7th appears good but really is it if neither pick gets you someone that can play ?

Ryan said...

I agree, about the Corbin trade. Not sure how Regan can honestly look at the trade the way he does. Wall is a huge disappointment and a monster liabilty on the ice. How does Corbin go from regular PP time to bench to traded? Regan , it's fine to be positive but come on with that logic.

The bigger issue is how Johnston remains on the team and how Jobke ever got a contract.

Regan Bartel said...

I am not saying Wall is God's gift to mankind and Corbin is a flop, but I think the organization saw that the Raiders were willing to give more than market value for Corbin. Does Wall stay here for the remainder of the season? Who says he will, who's say he won't?

waterstreetwonder said...

way to dance around that one regan lol.

I am with Ryan in wondering how Jobke got a contract, still waitintg ot see what the eyes of the Wild saw ... Johnston reminds me of a young Kevin Young.... Not good at anything in paticular, not horrible at anything in particular. I hope he enjoys his scholarship money when his junior age is up :)

Ryan said...

Regan, just because a player was drafter in a certain round and traded later for a earlier pick, doesnt mean its better "market value". Its all about how well Corbin turns out in PA, being drafte a few yrs ago in the 5th round is irrelevant. By your logic Josh Lepp and Kevin Reinholdt being traded by Kelowna was the worst trade in team history.

a 3rd rounder for an 18 yr old d-man who was playing the PP on a regular basis before suddenly being scratched is s very good trade for P.A.

Checking his stats, 4 point in 2 games for the Raiders, may become an even bigger steal for them.

At least we have Johnston and Wall to hold the fort on the back end.

Malc said...

Maybe the Rockets should have asked for a 4th round pick for Corbin as they have had much more success from there :-)

2009 - Bradon Seyl (not with the Rockets yet)
2008 - Jordan Cooke & Daniel Lee & Jordan Paddock
2007 - Max Adolph
2006 - Jesse Paradis
2005 - Brandon McMillan
2004 - Cody Almond
2003 - no pick (traded to Lethbridge)
2002 - Kris Westblom & Jordan Wilson
2001 - Mike Card
2000 - Joel Henitiuk
1999 - Tyler Perkins
1998 - Cam Paddock & Chris Baker