Monday, November 22, 2010

Things that make me go hmm...

  • The Kelowna Rockets don't want the month of November to end. With a record of 8-1-0-0, the amount of success this team has experienced this month is nothing short of amazing. Last season the Rockets won just five times in November. How impressive are the eight wins this month? The Rockets won nine games in 2007-2008 and that was with players like Tyler Myers, Colin Long and Jamie Benn. The best November in recent memory was 8-1-0-0 and four ties in 13 games during the 2004-05 season. That's 20 points in one month. The Rockets have earned 16 points this month with the potential of 20 with wins over Regina and Spokane this week.
  • As one `Negative Ned` said to me, "These wins have come against BC Division teams. Win games next month on the road in Alberta and then I will be impressed". He has a point, but winning those divisional games are money.
  • Is Adam Brown on his way to being named the CHL Goaltender of the Month? The numbers don't lie on how good he's been. Brown is 7 and 1 this month. The 19 year-old's goals against average is 2.08 and the save percentage is .932.
  • It's a much deserved 'lite' week for the Rockets, who play just two games this week. Regina comes to town Wednesday before the team visits Spokane Saturday.
  • No one deserves the 'lite' week more than head coach Ryan Huska. Huska was busy last week as he flew out east following a loss in Kamloops last Saturday. Huska watched the fourth game of the Subway Super Series between Team OHL and the Russians on Monday and then flew back to Kamloops to guide Team WHL for games against the Russians at the Interior Savings Centre and at the CN Centre in Prince George. Then he had the pleasure of riding back home from Prince George on the Rockets bus following Saturdays 2-1 overtime victory.
  • As good a month as the Rockets' have enjoyed, they've been out-shot in seven of the nine games. I guess being out-shot means little in the big scheme of things.
  • Does Mitchell Callahan get consideration for an invite to the U.S.A World Junior team's training camp next month? You would think Callahan would get a chance with the numbers he's put up this season. Just an invite would be a HUGE feather in Callahan's cap.
  • Tyson Barrie will get an invite to the Canadian camp. He is just too good. The one play that stood out for me this weekend in Prince George was a two-on-one the Cougars had with leading scorer Brett Connolly involved in the play. Connolly is the puck carrier and attempts to feather a pass in the air to a teammate that is niftily knocked out of the air by Barrie's stick. Sounds routine, but most defenceman would have left their skates and slid in an attempt to block the pass. Barrie doesn't even consider the option of leaving his skates and taking himself out of the play. He taps the puck out of mid air with his stick, controls it, and moves in the other direction as Connolly shakes his head is disgust.
  • I learned something new this weekend. Assistant Dan Lambert, during an intermission interview, told me he scored his second career NHL goal against Patrick Roy. What makes the story even more impressive is he scored it at the most storied building in hockey, the Montreal Forum.
  • Does getting pummeled in a fight make you a better player? It sounds strange but since Andreas Stene fought Cougars forward Charles Inglis, the 19 year-old is a different player. Stene is more involved, more aggressive and is playing with confidence. Weird.
  • Congratulations to Geordie Wudrick on celebrating his 300th WHL game Saturday night in Prince George. Wudrick is not the first player to enjoy his 300th game with the Rockets after starting his career with another team. Clayton Barthel, Bart Rushmer, Simon Ferguson and Nick Marach are four examples of players that started their careers with another team before celebrating '300' in a Rockets uniform.
  • Players that have celebrated all 300 games in a Rockets jersey are Jason Deleurme (341), Tyler Mosienko (338), Brett Palin (324), Cam Paddock (323), Gavin McLeod (321) and Ryan Cuthbert (319).
  • Kyle St. Denis will not play with the Rockets this season. I spoke about it last week on our pre-game show and will not discuss it on this blog. Not everything that is shared on our Rockets broadcasts make it to this blog. Good luck to Kyle on his future endeavors.
  • What is with the crowds in Prince George? After witnessing a capacity crowd for the sixth game of the Subway Series, the numbers plummeted to just 16 hundred for Saturday`s game between the Rockets and Cougars. Where 4 thousand 235 fans went between Thursday and Saturday`s game has me scratching my head. I think hockey fans exist in Prince George, but those fans will only come out to support something they believe in. Is their such a distaste in the mouths of local hockey fans towards the Cougars organization that they won`t come out in mass no matter how good the Cougars preform? The question has to be asked, would more butts be in the seats at the CN Centre if a new ownership group took over the team? That question makes me go hmmm.

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