Friday, November 26, 2010

Do the stache's stay or do they go?

  • Do the Rockets players get their razors out at the end of the month and clean off that hard to grow hair above their upper lip? Why do I ask? It appears those mustaches have some magic with nine wins in ten games during the month. Rockets' general manager Bruce Hamilton has never been a fan of the mid-season facial hair on his players, but has relaxed his stance with several of them growing a 'stach' as part of Movember. With the month of November over for the Rockets' following Saturday's game in Spokane, it will be interesting to see if the players keep them with the blessing of the boss.
  • Not all of the players are sporting mustaches, and if they are, it appears the older players are having the most success. Geordie Wudrick and Kevin Smith are giving it their best shot. It's not known if 'Just for Men' or any other colouring aid is being used. All I know is the players are having a lot of fun with it.
  • It was a full bus as the Rockets' headed towards Spokane in preparation for tomorrow night's game. Colton Sissons, who has been sidelined with a concussion, made the trip meaning he could be in the lineup against the Chiefs tomorrow night.
  • The Rockets failed to win a game in Spokane last season. In just two stops there, the Rockets' were 0-2-0-0. I anticipate the reaction of the Rockets' rookies being similar to other years when they take their first look at the ice surface at the Spokane Arena when the team arrives to unload their gear. "Wow" is the usual reaction.
  • Who steps up on defence when Tyson Barrie leaves for the Canadian World Junior Team main camp? You can't replace a player like Barrie, but who steps up to fill the hole, which will look like a crater with his departure? When Barrie is on the ice the Rockets struggles to get the puck out of their own zone on most nights looks non existent. But will it look similar when he takes part in Team Canada's main camp in Toronto next month?
  • Only Bruce Hamilton can answer this, but when does he decide to just run out the season with the players he currently has or make a push for one or two players at the trade deadline that may give his team a better shot in the second half? That's why these games in December are so important. If the Rockets are still in the mix, which they are right now in late November, do you strengthen the defensive core and added another veteran presence to get you beyond a second round exit. Or do you put your hands up in the air and essentially concede the season to the Portland Winterhawks, who are clearly the class of the conference? You know the Hawks will only add to the pieces they have in place so they can beat the top gun out east, which right now appears to be the Saskatoon Blades.
  • Gord McGarva and I have been invited to speak at the Morningside Rotary Club breakfast Thursday morning at the Kelowna Yacht Club. We appreciate the invite and hope to provide some insight and early morning chuckles on the job of covering the Kelowna Rockets hockey club.

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deejay said...

You know it always Barrie this and Barrie that. Barrie is a good player but he is just one player. One player doesn’t make a good hockey club.