Sunday, December 13, 2009

Video goodbye to Moose Jaw Civic Centre


Cheri said...

Great vid, Beegs. Ah, the memories. I remember playing in the "crushed can" and having birds swoop down in front in me as they flew from one side to the other.

jaz301 said...

Nice vid of the Civic centre and some background information. Love the ending. "Let's go up the stairs of death" ha ha that was funny. But those look like very narrow stairs. Can you even get two people walking side by side on them?

Mike Kieluk said...

Nice Video Regan very comical....maybe if you were not a play by play guy in the WHL,maybe you could have been a stand-up comidian?

Yes the ending was awesome!!!!!!

Hope you have a great time in Saskatoon on wednesday night........ I will be sitting across the ice in my comfortable seat.....pretty much front and centre.

Good luck to the Rockets....but the Blades may need it more,they have been struggling recently.