Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bowman out over a month

A big loss on the Rockets blue line as 18 year-old Collin Bowman will be out of the lineup for between 4 and 6 weeks with an ankle injury.
The Rockets also announced that Mitchell Chapman will miss 2 to 4 weeks with a rib injury while Codey Ito's shoulder injury will have to be looked at further to decide on a time line on his return.
All three players were hurt in Sunday's 7-3 home ice loss to Vancouver.


Jared Comeau said...

Awesome...So we are now officially icing the youngest and most injured team in not only the WHL, But the entire of North American Major Junior Hockey...Thanks for the Vancouver Midgets...simply awesome. We will be lucky to be in 4th place once everyone is healthy again.

jaz301 said...

Like we don't have enough problems all ready we have 3 more injuries. That brings the total to what 6 or 7.
Reminds me of the BC lions. The only difference is that BC some how found a way to win. Let's hope Rockets can start doing the same.

Malcolm said...

...and how injured is Geordie Wudrick?

Regan Bartel said...

Wudrick will apparently play tonight.

Jared Comeau said... just about to leave for the game...and this is my thinking at the moment.

All these injuries may by a blessing in disguise. ALL of our youngsters are going to be getting QUALITY ice time....Like...10 or more minutes a LEAST.

That kind of ice time can do nothing but good for these young minds. If we can pull out some wins against some fairly decent teams in these times of injury, these kids are going to gain so much confidence and that can only bode well come Playoff Time when we have a fully healthy roster.

Thoughts Regan/Gord?

Gord McGarva said...

Ice time now will certainly pay dividends down the road.