Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Great effort - bad result

Kamloops 4 Rockets 1. More later. Share your thoughts.


Jasperoni said...

This has got to be Mark Guggenberger's final game in a Rocket's uniform. The heart on my sleeve can not take anymore of this...

Regan Bartel said...

I am not sure what you mean by that comment, but if you are suggesting Guggenberger was the problem in the 4-1 loss and can't disagree with you more. The opening goal was fluke and the 3rd goal was also plain and simple bad luck.

Ryan said...

Guggenberger is 10 X the goalie Brown is. Adam is not even close to a number 1 goalie. Cant blame goalies when other than Barrie, there isnt a d-man who should be in the league in front of him.

Worse part is that experience will do nothing for guys like Jobke, Chapman, Johnston and Corbin. They are all too slow and have zero hockey sense. Kevin Reinholdt, Craig Cuthbert, Brent Howarth and Josh Lepp all had experience as well and stayed 2 years too long.

Injuries have hurt but in reality, Hamilton has done squat to improve a very lousy backend.

Cant wait to see Brandon McMillian in a East division jersey. Oh ya, loyalty means more than icing a top team, so Brandon will not be traded.

Jasperoni said...

If you really believe Guggenberger is 10 times the goaltender Brown is, then you obviously didn't watch last night's game. The nail in the coffin was the third goal. He wasn't square to the shooter, and he wasn't tight to his post. Kelowna was all over Kamloops in the third period, but that goal took the wind out of our sails.

I don't even need to mention the second or fourth goals where Guggenberger looked like a PeeWee goaltender flopping around on the ice.

The Rockets were doing fine before we lost 8 players to injuries and the WJC. You can put some of the blame on the younger, less experienced players, but when your goaltender can't even make one easy save to keep your team alive late in the third period then it's pointless to begin with.

If we're going to lose to a bum team like Kamloops, we might as well do it with all the young players on the ice gaining experience through growing pains. Guggenberger is a complete waste of time.

Jared Comeau said...

LOL...Ryan are you really that ignorant? Corbin is going to have a harder shot than any D-Man we have ever had.

My god man all those players you mention on the Defence are ROOKIES!!!

I think every one of our rookies are further under the microscope Because not only do they have the likes of McColgan to compete with on the team, but if our team was even HALF Healthy 2 or 3 of those guys would be getting sit on a regular basis just like rookies usually do. For example...Main has already played more games this year than last...

Man Ryan...Your hockey knowledge is so poor it's not even funny.

In your last comment, it seems like your saying McMillan is a lousy player and is only stickin around because of Loyalty.

Brown not a #1 quality goaltender? Get your head out of your rear end. This kid is what will win us another championship. He stands on his head each and every night and gives this team a chance to win every single night. It's not his chance that our front end is lacking finish at the moment. need a filter on that brain to mouth thing I think.