Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rockets celebrate Christmas in Saskatoon

The Kelowna Rockets players/coaches and radio broadcaster celebrated Christmas Sunday night in Saskatoon at the Willows Golf and Country Club. Below are pictures of the boys. Just click on the pic's to make them larger.
Left to right: Collin Bowman, Cody Chikie, Antoine Corbin, Lucas Bloodoff, Tyson Barrie and MacKenzie Johnston.

Left to right: Codey Ito, Mitchell Chapman, Jesse Astles, Colton Jobke, Max Adolph and Brett Bulmer.
Left to right: Kyle Verdino, Geordie Wudrick, Chad Ketting, Tyler Matheson, Adam Brown and Spencer Main.
Left to right: Tyler Halliday, Shane McColgan, Evan Bloodoff, Mitchell Callahan, Mark Guggenberger and Curt Gogol. No, despite the look in his eyes Gogol is not possessed by the devil. Or is he? Opposing players may think so.

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