Sunday, December 27, 2009

Giants in giving mood handing Rockets home ice loss

  • The Vancouver Giants looked like they were rejuvenated following a long Christmas break, the Kelowna Rockets on the other hand looked like they were still on one. The Giants scored three times in the first period and then put the game away with four more in the third period in a 7-3 win.
  • The Giants scored three times on the power play on six chances and scored twice while the two teams were playing four on four.
  • Despite outplaying the Rockets the majority of the night the Giants held a slim one goal lead heading into the third period before putting the game away.
  • Adam Brown was replaced by Mark Guggenberger after giving up 3 goals in the first 14 minutes of the game. Brown seemed to be as off as his teammates in front of him. Guggenberger gave up four goals in a relief appearance, but couldn't be faulted on any of them
  • The Rockets lost three players in the game. Forward Geordie Wudrick, Collin Bowman and rookie Codey Ito went down with injuries. Wudrick suffered what appeared to be a shoulder injury after a hit from Giants forward Lance Bouma early in the first period. Bowman hurt his knee after crashing into the end boards in the second period while trying to chase down Bouma, who was moving quickly on his off wing in an attempt to get a good shot away. Ito went down with a undisclosed injury.
  • The loss was the Rockets third in a row and second straight on home ice. The Rockets have now lost three of their last four games at Prospera Place. The only win over that period was a 4-2 victory over the visiting Edmonton Oil Kings on December 4th.
  • The loss was the Rockets 7th on home ice this season. The team lost just 7 times on home ice all of last season.
  • Say what you want about Kevin Connaughton's -3 rating, but the 19 year-old Giants rookie defenceman is having a great year in the offensive zone. Seventeen goals on the back end is nothing to shake a stick at. Connaughton had two goals and an assist in the win while being named the games first star.
  • The Rockets 21 shots on goal matched the teams lowest shots on goal total set against the Tri City Americans back on September 20th.
  • The Rockets haven't given up 7 goals at home since a 9-4 loss to Lethbridge on February 1,08.
  • A crowd of over 62 hundred took in the game, many coming in fashionably late if thinking the game started at 6 pm, not the 5 pm scheduled start time.


g.k said...

Oh!! Were in trouble!! We've been fortunate to have alot of great seasons so I quess we shouldn't complain.

jaz301 said...

It's just a cycle. Players get good and then they get too old for the WHL and move on. Then we get a bunch of rookies and we have a rebuilding year. Just wait till next year I am pretty sure we will have the Rockets we know(the one's that win)

Though their still is half a season to go yet.Anything is possible ...right?

MG said...

Your poll is interesting, especially how people are voting. From what it says people are voting for the defenceman,
Shea Weber who, in recent memory, was exciting to watch for his huge hits.
Offencively, Slovak was probably one of the best I have ever seen wear a Rockets uniform. I think ( help here Reagan ?) he had over a point a game in 2003 ?? Too bad he couldn't make the jump to pro because he was good.
Defencively, Gorges or Palin were, in my opinon, the two best stay at home defencemen we have ever had. Gorges to this day is a model for "hard work pays off".
The best overall...hmm I an not sure, but Myers may prove to be the best Rocket in a NHL uniform.

Jared Comeau said...

This year we are feeling the growing pains of what should be a powerhouse team next year.

Possible returnees next year is simply impressive.
E Bloodoff
St. Denis

I don't think we have any for sure without a doubt 100% Graduates next year outside of Big Mac and Wudrick.

All i'm saying is, I can't see Bruce being a Buyer this coming Trade Deadline. We are building for the next couple years, and with that, come growing pains.

MG said...

I would not be surprised if St Denis is finished for good. This must be the 3rd or 4th concussion in two years and that just cannot be good. Most guys with that type of history have to call it quits.

Jared Comeau said...

It's his 4th serious concussion. Word has it he had troubles seeing at some point.

Gord McGarva said...

Let us hope and pray that Kyle St. Denis makes a full recovery.

Speculation on this type of injury is not in the best interest of anyone.

Jared Comeau said...

Gord I actually sit beside St.D's Billets so it's not exactly Speculation. But i agree with what you said regarding speculation of any type when there isn't a good source.

Gord McGarva said...

Fair enough comment then Jared. I hope all the injured players recover quickly.

I have never seen this many injuries all at once.

Time to dig deep; I expect a great team effort tonight for the Rockets.