Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rockets receive eye opener

  • The Kelowna Rockets spent Sunday touring the Federal Penitentiary near Prince Albert. It was an eye opener for the players on what can go wrong if you make a bad decision and get with a bad crowd. It's technical called the Saskatchewan Federal Penitentiary, which is a medium security facility with maximum security areas. It was built in 1911 on the site of a former residential school operated by the Anglican Church of Canada. In March of 1991, three inmates took two staff members and one inmate hostage for over twenty-two hours. The incident ended when members of the Emergency Response Team shot and killed two of the three hostage takers. It houses close to 750 prisons, both men and women.
  • The Rockets arrived in Saskatoon at around 2 o'clock Sunday morning after a quick trip from Moose Jaw. The team will stay here for the next four days, busing into Prince Albert for Tuesday's game and then returning to Saskatoon to face the Blades on Wednesday.
  • The weather in Saskatoon? It's been cold. Sunday's high was -27, but the wild chill was the real killer. What amazes me is the lack of snow in Saskatoon. In the downtown core it looks they have less than we have in Kelowna.
  • Two members of the Rockets are excited that we have touched down in Saskatoon. Rookies Codey Ito and Max Adolph are Saskatoon residents.

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