Thursday, April 7, 2011

Small article in Portland paper

Something's fishy here!
You will have to turn to page five of Thursday's edition of the Oregonian to find any coverage of the Hawks-Rockets second round playoff series.
The story is in the left corner at the bottom of the page.
I had to chuckle because the article at the top of the page, which you would assume would be considered more important, talks about fishing and where you can find the trout stocking schedule.
Spring salmon anglers will also be happy that they receive another week of fishing on the Columbia River.
This is just another example of how important the Winterhawks website is in delivering their message to the fans. The Hawks deliver with a solid on-line presence.


Chelsea said...

The Winterhawks have no real marketing presence in Portland. No billboards, and clearly next to nothing in their newspapers. Also, if you go into any sports apparel store at Lloyd Center looking for Winterhawks apparel, you will not find anything. However, you can find Portland jerseys in Spokane sports stores. How are they more relavent in a Chiefs market than in their own?

A said...

Don't get me started about the lack of mainstream coverage here! Thankfully Andy, Dylan, and Samantha keep us well informed with their posts. I have enjoyed your posts as well and it has been great learning a bit more about Kelowna before the series. Should be a good one!

Robert said...

Hawks don't get much coverage here in Portland. Virtually nothing in the papers or news coverage.

Regan Bartel said...

It is a shame. It will be interesting to see where it is placed after they play a game.

Jason K said...

Born and raised Portland I can tell you Portlanders are fickle. They don't stick around during bad seasons, and it takes a couple good ones to bring them back (just look at the Trailblazers' history). The Hawks haven't been this good since the Brenden Morrow-days over 10 years ago. Their play as of late, and more time in the Rose Garden sure helps. I'm glad they had a great season, it's just unfortunate it (I hope) ends here!

John said...

I agree that the Oregonian hasn't done a good job of providing coverage to the Hawks, but the Portland Tribune has been better. Even though it's online only, the coverage is there: