Monday, April 18, 2011

One last thought for Hawks fans

It isn't often that an opposing WHL radio play-by-play broadcaster has a chance to spend a significant amount of time in one city getting to know the organization and the fans that support their team.

Everyone assumes it is a bitter rivalry that extends far beyond what happens on the ice and that the visiting broadcaster is part of the 'evil empire'. But let me say what a pleasure it was to meet and talk with so many Hawks fans over my two visits to Portland during the series. I met so many of you and realized the passion and love you have for your team.

I also have a greater appreciation for the American hockey fan then ever before. You showed a great appreciation for the work I do and were not afraid to literally come up to my broadcast booth and introduce yourself. I was taken aback by that kindness because I am in an industry where you hear more about the bad things you do and are criticised for it. It is in these relationships, while trivial in the eyes of some, that make my job worth while. I don't think in the 16 years of calling games in this league have I ever had as much interaction with opposing fans like I did over the last ten days with the Hawks faithful.

This blog entry was prompted by a Facebook message I received earlier today from an individual who I met prior to the start of game five in Portland. I won't mention names as the message was likely intended for my eyes only, but I was flattered at what the simple conversation and introduction meant to this person.
Much like that encounter, the kindness you showed towards me doesn't go unnoticed. I have the platform on this blog to express myself and won't hesitate to thank you.

Many of you stopped by this blog during the series and expressed your opinion and I appreciate the time you took to visit my little space in cyberspace.

For the record, my favourite fans outside of Kelowna now reside in the 'City of Roses'.

Have a great playoff.



The Man Who Nothing said...

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to meet you. But from reading your blog, I'm glad Portland played Kelowna. As a fan I like to read the oppositions blogs. Your blog was by far the most interesting, well written and informative. Your one of the good ones. Thank you for all that you have done for both teams fans. Have a great summer.

showell said...

Hear, hear.

Brandon said...

I have also enjoyed your blog Regan. You seem to give credit where credit is due irregardless of who you are rooting for. Most importantly your blog is very active which is the best thing IMO.

MG said...

I agree. Regan your blog is #1 and always a good read. Thanks for the good season.