Friday, April 1, 2011

Confusion on who the Rockets face in round 2

Despite what you've read, the Kelowna Rockets are not guaranteed a date with the Portland Winterhawks in the second round of the playoffs.
While Portland is off to the second round, Spokane must beat Chilliwack in their opening round series for the Rockets to face the Hawks.
If the Bruins would upset the Chiefs, then the Rockets would face Tri City in round two.


g.k said...

Go Bruins Go !!

Aly said...

This might be a stupid question but if Portland is first and we are second why would we be playing Portland?

Regan Bartel said...

We were only the second seed because of winning the BC Division regular season title.
In the second round the remaining teams are re-seeded in terms of regular season points.
So, Portland is first, Spokane is second, Tri City is 3rd and the Rockets are 4th.
The 1st seed (Portland) plays the 4th seed (Rockets) while the second seed (Spokane) plays the 3rd seed (Tri City).

Aly said...

Okay that makes sense !

MG said...

Lets be honest here. Even if Gore plays his best Spokane is going to beat the Bruins.

Rockets will play Portland.

g.k said...

Regan do you know the dates of our home playoff games?? I heard they may not be for a week and a half or so!! Why wait so long?? People around here will lose interest fast with spring here & golf season upon us!! Why not start on Tues or Wed. this week in Portland? Then we'll at least have some hockey next weekend?