Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let the games begin!

  • Tyrell Goulbourne has rejoined the Rockets. Goulbourne is the young 16 year-old rookie who isn't scared of mixing it up with anyone. What I like about Goulbourne is the positive energy he brings with him. Often smiling, here is a player that is loving life and enjoying the playoff experience. You want positive people around you with a desire to compete and win. My belief is Goulbourne, despite his age, brings that to the team.
  • The Rockets had an optional skate this morning and it was nice to see some key players on the ice for the tune up before tonight's game. Geordie Wudrick, Evan Bloodoff, Mitchell Callahan and Colton Sissons were all out there. It shows me how much they care and the steps they are willing to take to get themselves ready for the game and the series. I also think it clearly sends a message to the younger players.
  • It's been no less than four years since I last stepped back inside the Rose Garden. It is an amazing facility. Can you image if the Hawks could play all of their home games in that building? Of course they can't because the Trail Blazers gobble up the majority of the weekend dates as the main tenant.
  • It was suggested twice this morning that the seating in the Rose Garden looks a lot like the Calgary Saddledome. With such an impressive arena, it makes you wonder if an NHL team would work well in this city?
  • The top part of the Rose Garden has been curtained off to provide for a more intimate setting.
  • The last time I was in the building the Hawks home bench and dressing room were situated where the Rockets bench and dressing room are now located. The Rockets dressing room is plenty big, but if I remember correctly the one the Hawks are now in is slightly larger. The switch by the Hawks makes sense. Why wouldn't the home team get the better dressing room.
  • The only inconvenience for both teams is they have to take their gear back to Memorial Arena after tonight's game to make way for the Trail Blazers and Lakers tomorrow.
  • I took colour analyst Kevin Parnell over to Memorial Coliseum so he could look at the Hawks 'home' for the majority of the hockey season. The lights were out and it looked like the ice was covered with plywood, so he couldn't get a great appreciation for how fortunate we are to be calling a game at the Rose Garden. I had to show him the picture of a young Jeff Finley that is hanging in the concourse area. Finley, for those who are unaware, was the Kelowna Rockets assistant coach just a few years ago.
  • Wild haircuts. I noticed that the Hawks are sporting crazy haircuts for the playoffs. I ran into Ryan Johansen, but he wouldn't tell me who his barber was. If he would have replied "me", I would have believed him. Let's hope the Hawks took their year-end team photo before the players were allowed to chop their hair in several odd patterns. Hey, if it loosens the group and the players get a kick out of it, I see no problem with it.
  • OK, I will admit I looked into tickets for tomorrow night's game between the Trail Blazers and the Lakers. The price? Five thousand bucks court side! Do you think the radio station will accept that receipt when I submit it? Didn't think so.


jaz301 said...

WHAT!? 5000 bucks for a ticket? are you sure that is right? I looked at the site and the most expensive ticket was $265.

Anyway I am looking forward to listening to the game tonight. I was enjoy listening to the games on the radio. go rockets go!

g.k said...

Wow!! Comin' home with at least a split. Job well done boys!! Parnell/Bartel awesome job.