Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Off we go....

I want to welcome the Hawks fans that have dropped by this blog over the last few days. Thanks to Andy Kemper for linking me up. I do appreciate your visit and look forward to enjoying a few off days in your city.
I have never spent a significant amount of time in Portland, so I plan to take advantage of it with the extended stay.
A summer trip to the Oregon Coast two summers ago was nothing short of outstanding. Beautiful country and the sand and sunshine (we got lucky with the sunshine and lack of wind ) were amazing.
Love your neck of the woods.
My plan is to post thoughts before and after each game and I have brought my video camera with me so the fans back in Kelowna can get a good idea of the Rose Garden and the general atmosphere in the building. I plan to take pictures and post them too.
Over the course of this series, you may not agree with me on a certain point and I have no problem with that. I hope you appreciate my thoughts as I appreciate yours even if they differ.
I look forward to the dialogue.
I do not travel with the Rockets during the playoffs, so you may see me driving the AM 1150 community cruiser over the next couple of days.
Just don't throw things at me!!
A wave of a Winterhawks flag is strongly encouraged though.
See ya in Portland and most importantly enjoy the series!


MG said...

I love Oregon. In fact I would like to retire there if I can make it work. :)

Why don't you travel with the team during the playoffs ?

steve said...

Welcome, Regan to Portland. You are a great ambassador for your team.

Portland is beautiful and the Rose Garden is an awesome facility for hockey. Both teams are rested and ready to go.

Go Hawks!

Dick said...


Great work on your blog - have you any word on Chapman - have not heard a word since his collision with the penalty box door.

The Man Who Nothing said...

Good evening. I have been following your blog since last week, and I have to tell you, it's really fun. Nothing bad on the other blogs in the WHL, but you give great information, great topics, and fun insights. Thank you for being a great read for even us Portland fans.

I look forward to getting a chance to meet you.

Mike said...


Welcome to the Rose City. I truly hope you guys have time to enjoy our city, beyond the RG. There are two places you have to try to experience the truly "wierd" side of Portland... First is Voodoo Doughnuts ( I would reccomend the Bacon Maple Bar. The other if you like excellent Thai food from a street cart of all things try PokPok (

Again enjoy your stay, but not too much... LETS GO HAWKS

Regan Bartel said...

Thanks to all of those that commented. We arrived here just before 11 pm. It makes you feel fortunate when you drive through Chilliwack and Seattle(Kent)that we (us)are still playing hockey in April.

Question #1:
I don't travel with the team because they need their space during the playoffs.

Question #2:
Chapman is expected to return in this series.

Question #3:
The doughnuts sound great. I will check it out when I take my complimentary hotel bike for a spin. More on that later.

g.k said...

Hey Regan have a great time in Portland, remember " What happens in Portland stays in Portland" at least they say that somewhere down there!! LOL. Looking forward to listening to your play by play, always enjoyable, but I do have a beef - & its with requards to Shaw Cables coverage of the playoffs, they seem to forget about us out in the West, they just broadcasted an Eastern Conference series & now they are showing another one, I thought they would alternate to the West for their next coverage but "NOT". I'm sure if the Giants were in this round we'd be seeing them. Oh well your more fun to listen too than Bill Willm or Dan Russell anyday. Shaw " YOU SUCK"

Dave said...

Welcome to Portland Regan. We are happy to have you, and the Kelowna team and fans, here in town. I'm enjoying your blog and look forward to your thoughts on the series as it unfolds.

Dave said...

Welcome to Portland Regan. We are happy to have you, the team and your fans here in town for an extended stay. Looking forward to reading your thoughts as the series progresses.