Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things you didn't know about Callahan

  • His official name is John - Mitchell - Callahan. His dad's name is Vincent - Michael - Callahan and his grandpa's name is John - Frank - Callahan. All three go by their middle names.
  • Callahan came to the Rockets on a free agent tryout thanks to Jack Bowkus. Bowkus and Callahan's dad Mike coached together down in California. Bowkus has also coached current Rockets Shane McColgan and alumnus Colin Long. Bowkus is a former defenceman with the Saskatoon Blades.
  • Callahan attended the Rockets training camp rather than explore an option with a tryout from a N-A-H-L (North American Hockey League) team.
  • Callahan started playing hockey at 7 and a half with his only coach being his dad Mike until he landed on the door step of the Kelowna Rockets.
  • Callahan has always played forward, yet his dad used him at centre as well as right and left wing.
  • Outside of hockey, Callahan loves to skateboard.
  • Callahan's nickname growing up was 'Tricky'.
  • Like most pests on the ice, Callahan is easy going off it and loves kids.
  • Considers Darcy Tucker and Dan Carcillo as his favourite NHL players. Like that's a shock!
  • Outside of Detroit - the team that drafted him - Callahan admits he likes the Philadelphia Flyers.
  • Callahan was considered one of the most hated players in his age group in California. If you were on his team you didn't share that same opinion.
  • Callahan has six fighting majors this season. At the Christmas break one season ago, Callahan had 11.

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g.k said...

Interesting stuff Regan!! Congrat's to Shane McColgan for being selected to play in the Top Prospects game. Lots of our boys making names for themselve's. Thats just awesome for the whole organization.