Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rockets pics from Red Deer

Rookie forward Zack Franko focusing in during practice.
One of the many equipment cases the team will lug around from arena to arena over the next nine days.
Coach Ryan Cuthbert drawing up plans during a Thursday workout at the Centrium.
Goaltender Adam Brown gears up for practice.
Rookie forward Jason Siebert is out of the lineup for well over a month after undergoing surgery on his scaphoid last week.
Athletic Therapist Jeff Thorburn is busy putting a name bar on a Rockets sweater.


Aly said...

I like when you take pictures on the road trips! :)

Ryan said...

How's jersey is he putting the name bar on? Cant think of anyone with "EE" in their name.

Regan Bartel said...

Jesse Lees. The Rockets 1st round pick in this summers bantam draft is expected to play, likely against Med Hat on Tuesday.