Thursday, December 16, 2010

An off day with Luke Schenn and the Leafs

This pic was taking as Luke exits the Leafs dressing room for the morning skate at the Saddledome in preparation for tonight's tilt with the Flames. I spoke to Schenn and will post the interview shortly.
Luke Schenn spends some time talking with Rockets' forwards Evan Bloodoff and Shane McColgan.

These two guys were standing outside the Saddledome wanting Schenn to sign their jersey's.

  • The Rockets made a quick pit stop this morning at the Saddledome in Calgary to watch both the Leafs and Flames skate. The two teams face one another tonight obviously. It was a chance to touch base with Leafs d-man Luke Schenn who is as quality of an individual as you are going to find. 'Schenner' is living the life but doesn't forget those that he's met along the way. A good example was when I spoke with him this morning prior to the skate and inquired if we could meet for an interview. "Ya sure, just meet me in the Leafs dressing room after," Schenn told me. So I am watching Schenn during the pre-game skate up in the stands and when the session is over, he signals me to come down to the dressing room for the interview. He could have just skated off the ice which would have been enough of a cue for me to come down, but he gave me the old 'stick wave' on the ice and away I went to meet him. It just showed me again that 'Schenner' may be playing in the big league's but he is still the same player I grew to appreciate when he was cutting his teeth with the Rockets just a few years ago.
  • I may have to give Schenn an endorsement deal, as he commented on the interview I conducted with him that he is still a regular reader of the 'Rant'. He says the 'Rant' is the only way he keeps in touch with what's happening with his old team.
  • It was good to touch base with Leafs radio play-by-play man Dennis Beyak. Beyak and I live in the same neighbourhood in Kelowna and it was good to talk shop with him over things that transpired for both of us late this summer.
  • I also took some time to introduce myself to Joe Bowen. Bowen is essentially the TV voice/face of the Leafs. It was interesting to get his take on how he prepares for games, what he looks for in the pre-game skate and other things pertaining to a good broadcast.
  • Leafs GM Brian Burke looked business like as we crossed paths this morning near the Leafs dressing room. The rather stoic Burke was friendly enough to say "good morning" as he walked by.
  • Say what you want about Dion Phaneuf, but the Leafs captain impressed me this morning. As the Rockets players were walking by him, Dion said to them "hey fella's". Nothing major here, but at least he acknowledged them. He could have simply walked by them without saying a word.

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