Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rockets photographer plays role of hero

Cindy Rogers is a photographer with the Kelowna Rockets. She does her best work behind the lens of a camera. That statement may no longer be true after her heroic efforts Wednesday after a Jeep veered off Highway 97 and landed in Wood Lake. The New Zealand born Rogers was driving by the accident scene, between Vernon and Kelowna, when she stepped out of her vehicle and jumped into the freezing water to try and save whoever was in trouble.
"Because someones life is down there. Someones dad, someones wife, someone! I couldn't think of not jumping in and helping out. I would only hope someone would do that for me if I was stuck in the same position."
Rogers entered the water, swam towards the submerged vehicle and attempted to break the glass with a rock. Rogers says the idea came about after watching the movie Ghostbusters.
"They said that if it (vehicle) is submerged in water that is just over the car you won't be able to push or kick the windows out and you need something to smash it with. I tried grabbing a rock but that wasn't budging it so I yelled out if someone had a hammer and someone had a hammer in their truck so I used it."
A 58 year-old woman from Salmon Arm died in the accident.
It is unclear if she was the lone occupant of the vehicle.
"Like I said, it is one of those things in life. You have to jump at it. Someone has to step up to the plate", Rogers added.                         


Howiefelter said...

Good for you Cindy to bad the outcome was not as rewarding.

cheyanne yeo said...

I was there with Cindy. She stayed in the water longer than I could or the other gentleman. She was unrelenting in trying to get that woman out. After I swam back out of the lake, and grabbed ropes and straps, she stayed and didn't give up. To say she is a hero is an understatement. In the end, a woman lost her life, however the family can have solice knowing many strangers came together to do everything in their power to bring their loved one home to them.

cheyanne yeo said...
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