Monday, December 17, 2012

A few photos from the roady

MacKenzie Johnston is back on the ice and should be ready to go after the Christmas break.

Tyrell Goulbourne getting the legs going before the game.
It is all about team chemistry. If you like each other you play hard for each other. Dylen McKinlay is pictured here with fellow overager Cody Fowlie. Two great additions this season.
Former Kelowna RCMP officer Gary Creed joined the team on the trip. Creed is now working out of Red Deer. He says the red shirt he is wearing has a winning percentage of close to .900. I don't doubt him.  
One of the best locations in the WHL to call a game. The Med Hat Arena

The Rockets bus, all clean and looking good outside the hotel in Calgary. The bus looked as good as the team played.

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