Friday, December 21, 2012

A few Christmas numbers

·    I guess the world didn’t end after all or you wouldn’t be reading this. Thank God. I didn’t want the world to end with the Kelowna Rockets playing such great hockey. What a shame that would have been.
·    Since a 5-3 loss in Edmonton on October 27th the Rockets are 16-4-0-0 in their last 20 games.
·    The Rockets have played 19 road games this season. That means 17 road games remain with only two significant trips to Prince George (Jan 4/5) and Victoria (Feb 22/23).
·    With 37 games left in the regular season, 23 of them 62% will be played against teams in the BC Division. Of those 37 games, only two (Lethbridge and PA) are against teams outside the Western Conference.
·    The Rockets make only 4 more trips across the border into the United States. The team plays Spokane twice and Everett and Seattle once.             
·    The Rockets defensive core is a combined +104.
·    The Rockets record is 23-10-1-1. Last season before the Christmas break, the team was 14-16-2-3.  That is 9 more wins, 6 fewer losses and 15 more points than a season ago.
·    Last season prior to the Christmas break the Rockets scored 112 goals. This season at the ‘break’, the team has scored 143 times or 31 more goals.

·Myles Bell has 48 points after 35 games this season. The 19 year-old is on pace for a 100 points season. Who was the last Rockets player to record 100 points in a season? Colin Long had exactly 100 points in the 2007-2008 season. That year, Long had 31 goals and 69 assists.
·Bell has 48 points after 35 games this season. Shane McColgan was the leading point getter on the team after 35 games last season. McColgan had 10+26=36 points.

The Rockets play Kamloops and Vancouver seven more times. 
·     How cute is this little minor hockey player pictured to the right? That is Kelowna Rockets forward Ryan Olsen in his minor hockey days. Who would have thought Olsen would become a power forward with 16 goals under his belt. With a strong second half, is 30 a possibility before seasons end?            


jaz301 said...

"62% of the second half will be against BC division teams." That is going to be awesome. Divisional rival games are always the best. 6 against Victoria and 7 against Kamloops and Vancouver. We are in for some great hockey! Go Rockets Go!

John Olsen said...

Ryan remembers - The highlight of that 2001 season was a player, the only player, who hadn't scored a goal all season. It was the last game of the season and in the 3rd period with only a couple of minutes left when our coach called a time out. He talked to the kids about getting the puck to this goal scoreless kid. The puck dropped, play went into the ozone and wouldn't ya know it, this kid finally scored his first goal. It was the highlight of the year!! Ryan had scored a ton of goals that year but that didn't matter.

Jared Comeau said...

Very nice story John!