Thursday, February 24, 2011

WHL GM miffed with attendance


KJ said...

Blowing smoke. Seriously. What did he expect when he took the team to the tiny Cranbrook market? 2700 a night in a city of 19,000 is still pretty darned good.

Besides, where could he possibly take the team if he were to leave? Fort Mac, Grande Prairie? Great Falls? Good luck with that.


wgmcdon said...

If Jeff was to promote the Kootenay Ice, which he doesn't right now, there would be bigger crowds. He took away the school program which put another 500 to 700 people in the building so why the crocodile tears now. Le the school kids come for $9 a seat and you will fill some of the empties.

Tasha said...

what about Nanaimo. I dont know why he is crying anyway if the dont get over 3000 fan a game they do not have to pay their lease. Thay only had 2 games over 3000 fans. Victoria is looking for a team. they could have a Island rivalries.