Monday, January 10, 2011

Not one call

Calling it the quietest trade deadline he has ever sat through, Kelowna Rockets General Manager Bruce Hamilton was content with what happened on arguably the most interesting day for fans and the media.
Only eight trades were made on Monday, including the Saskatoon Blades acquired Team Canada star Brayden Schenn.
Hamilton told me this afternoon that he did not receive one phone call from a GM asking what it would take to acquire Tyson Barrie.
Not one.
Hamilton says history shows they don't trade these type of players and it is clearly understood among his colleagues.
The Rockets general manager says it is invaluable that Damon Severson and other young defenceman on his team play with Barrie.
You can't argue with that philosophy.
Once top draft picks Jesse Lees and Madison Bowey have their season's come to an end, how much will Barrie's value be to these emerging d-men?
Shea Weber mentored Luke Schenn. Luke Schenn mentored Tyler Myers. Myers mentored Barrie.
Now Barrie can follow a similar path with these two 15 year-old d-men.
You can't argue with that pattern of success.

One last thing.
I still don't understand why fans/some media don't understand why the majority of the deals come out in one fell swoop once the deadline is over. Does it not make sense for a WHL general manager to keep his trade close to his chest in the fear of tipping off his competitors, who may then attempt to go out and make an equal or better trade? After the deadline is over the team announces the trade and his competitors are left with no recourse.
Sounds like common sense to me.

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Ryan said...

Hamilton was quoted in the Capital news as saying he received calls for Tyson Barrie while he was in BUffalo, so yes there was at least one, at least one call.