Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Callahan will have time to crash

It looks like Rockets forward Mitchell Callahan will have some time to crash (relax) following the conclusion of his participation at the World Junior Hockey Championships.
Callahan will play for the Americans in the bronze medal game today and is scheduled to fly into Kelowna late Thursday afternoon.
With the late arrival to Kelowna International Airport, you would think the 19 year-old wouldn't be in the lineup against the visiting Moose Jaw Warriors. The same goes for Tyson Barrie.
Whether Callahan or Barrie participate in the Rockets schedule, which has them playing three games in three night starting Thursday, is still up in the air.
It appears Callahan will be granted some time back home in California next week to recover while Barrie can mentally and physically regroup at his home in Victoria.
GM Bruce Hamilton, head coach Ryan Huska and forward Andreas Stene will also be flying into Kelowna late Thursday.

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