Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brodsky on low crowds in Prince George

I spoke to Prince George Cougars owner Rick Brodsky before Wednesday night's game in Kelowna. I asked him about the perceived dislike for ownership by Prince George hockey fans. The reason for the discussion was the sold out Subway Super Series game back on November 18th at the CN Centre followed by a Cougars home game a night later against the Rockets which drew just over 18 hundred fans.

"I've heard things in Prince George like, he's too cheap to do this or he doesn't do that. It's all hog wash. In all honesty, I don't spend a lot of time worrying about it. We win our share of games, we are out in the community and our players are going to hospitals and doing the same things other teams are doing in the league. So we are just holding our head up and are proud of what we do and the naysayers will either eventually come or they won't come."

"We are not threatening to leave or anything, but on some night's we are getting 16, 17 hundred in Prince George. We cannot sustain's as simple as that. I have no plan to do anything rash except to have a better hockey team and make it succeed in Prince George."

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