Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Shane McColgan

10) McColgan started skating when he was 2 and a half and played defense for four seasons before moving to forward.

9) McColgan should be eligible for dual citizenship. His grandmother is Canadian and lives in Saskatoon. His mother Kelly moved to Saskatoon at a young age and competed in swimming. She missed out on swimming for Canada internationally.

8) His favorite team is the Pittsburgh Penguins. The reason? Two words - Sydney Crosby.

7) McColgan was born on the same day as his father - January 1st. McColgan's mother was going to call him Jake, but changed it to his fathers name - Shane - considering they were born on the same day.

6) McColgan's dad owns two bars in Los Angeles. Those two bars are located in Hermona Beach and Manhattan Beach.

5) What's his nickname? He is usually called 'Pup' because he is always the youngest player on the team because of his date of birth. 'Pup' or 'Mac' suits him fine.

4) What are the benefits of playing hockey in LA? You get to skate with actors like Cuba Gooding Jr. McColgan says he skated with the Jerry McGwire star once a week.

3) McColgan's dad played lacrosse and football, so athleticism runs in the family.

2) McColgan has a younger brother named Luke. The 14 year-old also plays hockey.

1) McColgan is looking forward to getting his license when he turns 16. He has his drivers test scheduled for February 20th.

  • You will have to excuse Rockets assistant coach Ryan Cuthbert if he reflects on one of the biggest night's in Kelowna Rockets history. Cuthbert will return for the first time to the place where he helped the Rockets win their first WHL championship. It was May 10, 2005 when the Rockets beat the Rebels 2-0 in game six of the league final in Red Deer to capture the franchises first title.
  • Cuthbert had a chance to meet a former teammate at Rexall Place Monday when he ran into Edmonton Oilers tough guy Steve MacIntrye. The two were teammates with the East Coast Hockey League's Charlotte Checks in 2003-2004.
  • This feature airs five days a week on AM-1150. Here is Tuesday's feature with Shane McColgan. www.am1150.ca/player/player?mediapath=&type=mp3&fi=files%2Fam1150%2Fsrimedia%2FR09_1094.MP3&nid=844655
  • I heard a good quote today. 'Team Work Makes The Dream Work'.
  • Tis the season. The first of a series of Christmas messages that is running on our Rockets roadcasts starting Tuesday night. Here is a sample. www.am1150.ca/player/player?mediapath=&type=mp3&fi=files%2Fam1150%2Fsrimedia%2FR09_1047.MP3&nid=844656

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