Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mustache Mojo

  • Ex-Rocket Colin Joe gave his former teammates a good chuckle during a pre-game greeting with a cheesy looking mustache, but it was Joe who had the last laugh in the Saskatoon Blades solid 4-2 win over the Kelowna Rockets Wednesday night. The Blades scored three times in the first period against a disinterested looking Rockets team and the visitors extending their winning streak on the road to 11 games.
  • I'll let C-Joe explain the reasoning behind the mustaches that all Blades players are sporting on this BC Division road trip.
  • The Blades didn't have to do much offensively after building up a 3-0 lead. The visitors stuck to defense by registered just 8 shots in the final 40 minutes, and in the process snapped the Rockets season high 5 game winning streak.
  • Rockets head coach Ryan Huska didn't mince words when describing his teams effort on the post game show. Huska said his team "laid an egg".
  • The game got physical in the third period with five fights, including a spirited affair between Rockets forward Mitch Callahan and the Blades Charles Inglis. I applaud both players for the pre-Christmas tilt, as both were able to give and receive in the best fight we've seen at Prospera Place this season.
  • The best save of the night? The Rockets showed little creativity in the offensive zone, but surprise starter Adam Morrison made a dandy off of Rockets sniper Jamie Benn with the Blades holding a 4-1 third period
  • Wednesday nights game featured the top two 17 year-old offensive defenseman in the WHL. Kelowna Rockets Tysen Barrie faced Blades d-man Stefan Elliot. They are a mirror image of one another and love creating headaches for the opponent in the offensive zone. Neither disappointed, with Barrie and Elliott each scoring goals. Is it any surprise both goals were scored on the power play? Last season Barrie had 43 points as a 16 year old while Elliott had 40. This season as sophomore d-men, Barrie has 30 points while Elliott has 27. The two will most certainly be selected in the opening round of this summers NHL draft.
  • Blades forward Curtis Hamilton got an early birthday present with a win over his dad's team. Curtis Hamilton turns 17 today. He'll celebrate his birthday in Chilliwack as the Blades head West to face the Bruins on Friday.
  • Lets give the Blades organization credit by getting a player up in the broadcast booth to chat with radio broadcaster Les Lazaruk after the game. Blades defenseman Teigan Zahn, with sweat still coming off his forehead, was ushered up to the broadcast location for some thoughts following the win. I can't see too many junior teams following that lead, but for the Blades to get a player to quickly shed his gear on the road and walk all the way up to the broadcast booth obviously shows the importance they believe radio is to their listeners back home.


Jess Rubenstein said...


Really enjoy your blog as it helps us keep track of Tysen Dowzak now that he is a Ranger prospect.

I wanted to add my .02 about USA Hockey not selecting Long as you asked this question:

# If Long was on a level footing with a U.S college player on the depth chart, would that U.S college player have received the nod over the renegade that fled to Canada to chase his hockey dream?

The answer sadly is yes of course the college player gets the nod. The US coaching staff is made up of NCAA coaches, the program is built up to funnel US players to NCAA schools and the resulting selections sadly will hurt a player like Long because he is not "one of the boys".

Another point why USA Hockey does not hold a second camp for the selection process is how many teams whether they are in CHL or NCAAs would release their players a second or third time during a season?

Answer is very few, most of you in Canada dislike the ADT Challenge but it does serve a purpose as it does allow Team Canada to take one extra look before who they invite.

Keep up the good work, if you would not mind Regan please drop by our spot at and leave us an email addy as we would like to find a way to contact you for an interview about Tysen. Our comments are moderated so we would not make your addy public

Rocketwatcher said...

Good grief Ryan Huska....did I really just read on the Rockets website that the guys that fought should have fought before it was three nothing?? You typically spark your team by fighting when it is obvious they are flat or lethargic. Who does that at 1 - 0, even 2 - 0?? I thought Huska played in the league before?? By those comments he leads me to believe that he was asleep on the bench or glueing his gloves on when he played these types of games. The young guys showed anger and emotion when the game was slipping away....In the WHL, that is the way it is..... Definitely disappointed in his comments..Why did the team come out flat, knowing full well Hamilton and his kid are alumni? That is a question I would like answered. The game was brutal.......They owned the Rockets....