Monday, December 15, 2008

Oilers Coach At Rockets Practice

  • The Rockets practiced this afternoon at Rexall Place. The home of the Edmonton Oilers is regarded as the best ice surface in hockey.
  • Three new faces were on the ice this afternoon working out with the team. Shane McColgan was joined by Brett Bulmer and Dillon Simpson. McColgan is the Rockets first round pick from this summers draft while Simpson was selected in the 8th round. Bulmer was an 11th rounder in 2007. McColgan and Bulmer will play tomorrow night against the Rebels.
  • Simpson is the son of former NHL'er Craig Simpson. Simpson is playing midget hockey this season with the South Side Athletic Club in Edmonton. In speaking to the 15 year-old defenseman, he has yet to decide if he will play junior or look at U.S college hockey. Simpson's dad played college at Michigan State.
  • Colin Long was practicing on a line with Mitchell Callahan and Shane McColgan. Maybe the 'California Connection' or 'American Express' line will exist?
  • Oilers head coach Craig McTavish watched the Rockets workout. Mac-T even had some time to sit down for a quick interview which I will share on tomorrow nights broadcast. MacTavish owns two properties in the Okanagan and can be seen hanging out in Kelowna with his family during the summer.
  • The Rockets were treated to a tour of the Edmonton Oilers dressing room after practice. I had a chance to get a sneak peek prior to the Rockets workout, and to say the dressing room is nothing short of impressive is an understatement. It's been suggested that the Oilers spent 3 million dollars to upgrade the dressing room, and it shows. As you enter the room you see five replica Stanley Cups in a glass case, with room for a 6th. All I can say is Sheldon Souray uses a big stick while Ales Hemsky works surprisingly with a small instrument. Insert joke here.
  • I am not sure who I like more, Shane McColgan or his father? Shane McColgan Sr. accompanied his son to Edmonton where they will spend the next few days with the team. I will post "Ten things you don't know about Shane McColgan" tomorrow morning. Shane and I sat down for an interview in the lobby today. A portion of our conversation will be posted later.
  • You can't stop in Edmonton without going to the West Edmonton Mall. The players made a stop there this afternoon, so family and friends, these guys should have no excuses for coming home for Christmas empty handed.
  • Rockets GM Bruce Hamilton isn't impressed with some of his veteran players. Check out the audio when I asked him if some need to step it up.


entropyyy said...

the california connection line is a sick name,you must have thought of those on that long bus ride! i saw a video of the oil dressing room,it looks huge!

Regan Bartel said...

sick as in good...or sick as sucks?

T.D. said...

Should be sick as in good. It's a great tag.

hocus_lopez said...

Nice sound bite from Hamilton. Let's see if he follows through with the threat and moves some of the dead weight. Personally, having watched this team for several years I'm sure his words are not mere banter. The only question that needs to be asked are who are the 2-4 players that will be moved?

entropyyy said...

sick as in good haha like beyond good.