Thursday, December 4, 2008

Don't Fear With The Loss of Myers and Benn

Kelowna Rockets Jamie Benn and Tyler Myers will attend the world junior teams main camp next Thursday in Ottawa. If one or both make the roster, expect them to miss 10 regular season games. Over the last three seasons Luke Schenn, Blake Comeau and Shea Weber have all missed ten games while playing for Canada. I heard someone express concern that the Rockets will struggle if those two players indeed wear Canadian colours. But if past experience tells us one thing, it appears others row just a little harder when the Rockets lose a player to the under 20 championships.

Year: Player Games Missed Rockets Result:
2008 - Schenn: missed 10 games - Rockets Record 7-2-0-1
2007 - Comeau: missed 10 games - Rockets Record 5-5-0-0
2006 - Weber: missed 10 games - Rockets Record 4-3 with 1 OTL and 2 ties.
2004 - Gorges: missed 10 games - Rockets Record 9-0 and a tie
2002 - Kobasew: missed 11 games - Rockets Record 5-4 with a tie and an overtime loss.

Conclusion: Since 2002 the Rockets have earned points 37 of the 51 games they've played with a rep playing for Canada at the world juniors.

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Ryan said...

No mention of playing without Novotny during this time as well? Thats not a big of a loss but he is a top 6 forward who plays PP.