Saturday, December 6, 2008

Missed Call Should Have Pats Miffed

  • If the shoe was on the other foot the Kelowna Rockets would surely be screaming. Pats defenseman Matt Delahey is pulled down by a trip or a hook while he is coming out the right side of his own net with the puck resulting in a turnover and a two on one goal that gives the Rockets a 2-1 third period lead. What makes the non-call so hard to take for the visitors is it clearly created a scoring chance, which Evan Bloodoff took advantage of. Those calls have to be made, no matter how soft they may be. It created a clear scoring chance. Especially when weaker calls were made throughout the game in non-scoring situations including the one that really grinds my gears, a tripping penalty in the neutral zone when a player steps on an opponents stick and goes down.

  • The non-call which made it a 2-1 game shouldn't have been a factor in the first place had it not been for Pats goaltender Linden Rowat. Had it not been for Rowat's heroics early in the game his team wouldn't have been anywhere close to attempting a comeback in the third period. The Rockets were clearly the better team in the first period, yet went into the dressing room with just a 1-0 lead. Rowat did what is asked of your goaltender, especially on the road. Hold the door shut until your team finds its game. The Pats found their game after being outplayed and out-shot 12-2 in the first period.

  • While Rockets goaltender Kris Lazaruk was especially good in the third period when the Pats fired 15 shots his way, Rowat still received the first star on our broadcast. Lazaruk was give the first star on the ice, but the bottom line is the best player on the ice was the Pats veteran goaltender.

  • How did he miss it? I couldn't believe my eyes when Jamie Benn and Colin Long broke in on a quick 2 on 0 with Benn making a perfect pass to Long who surprisingly missed the net and shot the puck wide. Here's the audio: It shows even the best miss once and a while. The missed chance saw the two teams skate to the dressing room tied at 1 after 40 minutes despite the Pats firing only 7 shots on goal.

  • Ok I finally get the idea why everyone out East is talking so highly about Colten Teubert. The kids a stud on defense. It's a shame we don't see him enough out West, but the one time viewing has me realizing why he has the potential to play for Canada at the world junior hockey championships. That Jordon Eberle ain't bad either.

  • I found it interesting to learn that Rockets forward Kyle St. Denis has never played a game against the team that drafted him. St. Denis was originally drafted by the Pats in the 2005 draft, yet was unable to play last night because of a broken wrist and was unable to play last season in Regina because of a concussion.

  • Pats GM Brent Parker took an interesting drive to Penticton to tour the new arena there Friday afternoon. Why? I knew the answer but I still had to askHere's the audio interview:

  • It was nice chatting with Pats play-by-play man Rod Pedersen before the game. You tend to appreciate these conversations because you don't get a chance to talk face-to-face with our Eastern Conference brethren more than once a season. Is Pedersen not the best dressed broadcasters in the East? Sure he's a radio guy and could wear sweat pants and no one would know but as an old boss of mine once told me, "if you are professionally dressed you will perform accordingly." That boss is now an MLA for the Saskatchewan Party. Moose Jaw MLA Warren Michelson is pictured to the right.


entropyyy said...

Hey. 2nd game of the year i missed. just glad they came away with a win. i've just stumbled across this blog and its sweet! added into my favourites. you're with the media and such,is there any way you can reveal some songs from the rockets warmup? they have some sweet tunes! see ya on the radio tonight against chilliwack haha shut 'em down!

Regan Bartel said...

I will look into the songs they play in warm up. I frankly never listen as I am 'on the air' doing the pre-game show.