Friday, December 26, 2008

Dirty Data

Moving Closer to Milestone:
Evan Bloodoff - 3 games shy of 165 (162 games currently played) – 44 career points
Jamie Benn - two shy of 80 games played (78 games currently played) – 110 career points
Cody Almond - 8 games shy of 200 (192 games currently played) – 129 career points
Dylan Hood – 9 games shy of 150 (141 games currently played) – 39 career points
Lucas Bloodoff – 3 games shy of 175 (172 games currently played) – 76 career points
Brandon McMillan – 6 games shy of 165 (159 games currently played) - 77 career points
Colin Long – 7 shy of 200 games (193 games currently played) – 178 career points
Tyson Barrie – 77 career points
Tysen Dowzak – 2 games shy of 185 (183 games currently played) – 23 career points
Jesse Paradis – 3 games shy of 75 games (72 games currently played)

Noteworthy Digits: Five of Dylan Hood‘s 8 goals this season have been scored on the road. Ten of Lucas Bloodoff’s 18 points this season have been registered on home ice. Of the 52 goals Cody Almond has scored over his career, 25 (48.1%) have been scored on opposition ice. Thirteen of Colin Long’s 17 goals this season have been scored at Prospera Place. Five of Brandon McMillan’s seven goals have been scored this season on the road.

Top three Performers:
Jamie Benn: Averaging 1.41 points per game over career (Chuck Kobasew averaged 1.13)
Colin Long: Averaging 0.92 points per game over career
Tyson Barrie: Averaging 0.76 points per game over career
Cody Almond: Averaging 0.67 points per game over career


entropyyy said...

benn continues to impress,110 points in 80 games is insane,at any level. waiting on team canada puck-drop in an hour! it's pretty amazing though,the stats. barrie sure does have a good steady point production,being a defensemen.Hope you had a good xmas day,go canada and go rockets tomorrow at prospera!

stoptya said...

Impressive personal stats this year. Its no secret that kelowna is a hotbed for developing quality defencemen and Barrie is no exception along with the likes of Webber.Hannan,Souray,Gorges to name a few.One guy I do enjoy watching is that young Verdino kid. He seems solid and confident out there this year with a bit of a nasty edge. Any noise about how he's coming along?

Regan Bartel said...

Verdino has played very well. He didn't see much ice time in his rookie season, and when he did, it was for the most part as a forward. I think he has proved this season that he is best as a defenseman and will show us some good things as an 18 year-old once he gets a full season under his belt.