Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WHL broadcasters have spoken!

The Western Hockey League broadcasters have spoken! Is anyone listening? This talkative bunch who you love to hate (unless they call games for your team) have taken part in my unofficial survey which was essentially hijacked after a broadcaster in the SJHL did a similar one earlier this month.
I present to you now the pulse of what my colleagues across the league think in my questionnaire.
I have added a few humorous comments from some of the respondents which will remain anonymous. Anonymous comments? Who leaves those on the Internet?

Most quotable coach:
1) Brandon's Kelly McCrimmon
2) Vancouver's Don Hay
3) Spokane's Don Nachbaur
Best quote from broadcaster: "McCrimmon is media friendly. Not afraid to share his opinion which makes for good radio."

Best rink to call a game:
1) Everett
2) Medicine Hat (was just edged out by Comcast Arena)
3) Spokane
Best quote from broadcaster:"In Medicine Hat, why do the visitor broadcasters get centre ice?". And another: "In Everett...food, high speed, an employee that is at my beck and call and a p-a feed. Enough said."

Worst rink to call a game
1) Kelowna (Prospera Place received the most 1st place votes).
2) Swift Current
3) Portland, Saskatoon and Kamloops tied for third.
Best quote from broadcaster: "The Memorial Coliseum (Portland) needs to blow up". And another: "Kamloops used to be one of the best but now I feel like I've got four roommates in a two man dorm room".

Loudest rink to call a game in:
1) Everett (received most 1st place votes).
2) Moose Jaw
3) Tri City
Best quote from broadcaster: "The horn alone in Everett takes weeks to recover from".

Best scouts room for visiting media to dine in:
1) Vancouver
2) Tri City
3) Red Deer
Note: Moose Jaw was a pleasant surprise and was just edged out by Red Deer.
Best quote from broadcaster: "Not Edmonton. I refuse to pay for my food". Here's another one: "Tri City has really come up. Good food...and lots of it."

Favourite city for broadcasters to visit:
1) Vancouver (received the most 1st place votes).
2) Calgary
3) Kelowna
Best quote from broadcaster: "Anyone who has spent any time in that city (Vancouver) knows why."

Favourite hotel on the circuit:
1) This wasn't even close. The Delta Bow Valley in Calgary by a landslide.
2) The Grand - Kelowna
3) Sutton Place - Edmonton
Honorable mention: Brandon's Canad Inn


Jared Comeau said...

Whats wrong with Prospera?

jaz301 said...

Worst rink to call a game:
1) Kelowna (Prospera Place received the most 1st place votes).

Not a surprise there since we have one of the smallest(if not smallest) visiting radio booths because of the expansion of the video replay room or something like that. All in all interesting survey.

Gord McGarva said...

Most difficult building to navigate your way through?


I am still trying to find my way back to the press box and that was May 2009.