Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hurricanes coach dumps water bottles on ice after controversial call

Lethbridge Hurricanes head coach Rich Preston was ejected from the game late in the third period after gingerly dumping several water bottles on the ice in disgust after a Hurricanes goal is called back. He also tossed a clipboard onto the ice, Frisbee style, that just missed one of the referee's.
The reason?
The linesman calls a spearing penalty on Lethbridge forward Graham Hood before the goal is scored but notifies the referee's of the infraction after the first stoppage of play, which oddly enough is after the Hurricanes score to make it a one goal game.
So, instead of the score being 4-3 for the Rockets, the Hurricanes find themselves down 4-2 with the Rockets scoring on the ensuing power play to make it 5-2.

Lethbridge scores a late goal on a power play with about a minute and a half left to play to make it a 5-3 final.

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Jared Comeau said...

Fines...Suspensions...the whole works

jaz301 said...

If I were Preston I know I would of been furious to on that goal not being allowed. But chucking water bottles and a clip board on the ice is taking it to far. I could not believe what I was witnessing. Not only did he do it, but some of the players did it at the end. I wonder if the league will do anything else on this.

I think this whole game had bad officiating. There were bad calls all around and this one was the worst. I really think that should have been a goal. The ref did not see the penalty so why make it a penalty? I am sure linesman see penalties all the time and say nothing, but it just so happens that this linesman said something and at a bad time to. We see this too much now a days where ref's end up deciding games, in all leagues and sports.

And also Mitch Maxwell not coming out on the ice when he got 2nd star IMO is unsportsmanlike.

g.k said...

Terrible call by the linesman at that point of the game!! But who cares, that was the most entertainment I've seen at Prospera in a while!! Everyone that stuck around till the end of the game were just dumbfounded about what had happened!! Thankyou Rich Preston for giving me money's worth as well as the Goaltender Anderson, he played the crowd very well!!

MG said...

I wasn't at the game but I just watched the whole thing on the net. I have seen this before where a lineman calls a penalty but really ????
Preston was totally in the wrong to react that way but if it were the Rockets I would hope and expect our coaching staff to react that way or worse.

Over the years we have discussed officiating at length around here and I think everyone agrees that when the game becomes about the "black and whites" it is a horrible game. We have seen this over and over again with Smith at the helm.

Officials miss calls and make poor judgement calls all the time. It is a fast game and I am positive I would miss more if I was down there, but this call is totally out of line as it was missed by the ref and basically gave the game up to the Rockets ( ok we will thank them another time :) )

Sure fines...etc need to be handed out but equally I hope that the officials receive a share of the discipline.

Jared Comeau said...

The team will be facing a boat load of fines for last night, including Mitch Maxwell not showing for his star selection.

chris said...

It's one thing to be upset over a call. It's something else to totally lose it like Preston did.

Bad culture developing in Lethbridge. Anderson lost focus and gets beat after getting into with the crowd. Tarnasky mocking the officials at centre ice after the game.

The Canes have some good players. Too bad there is a poor example at the top.

Blaine said...

The officials get far too little respect these days. They should be handing down way more bench minors for the mistreatment they endure from childish coaches trying to intimidate.
As for the star not coming out, don't be so quick to judge Mitch. unless you know for certain that it was his decision. There have been several situations where the stars have not been notified that they are stars and so they are not prepared to come out for the skate.